VPeepz dance crew advances as Philippines’ and Asia’s rep to World of Dance finals with flawless performance

Filipino junior dance crew VPeepz proudly wears the Philippine colors as they receive the first 100 score for The Cut on World of Dance. Image credit to WOD.

VPeepz has made it through The Cut on the World of Dance (WOD) and is advancing to the finals of the Hollywood competition, representing both the Philippines and Asia.

Wearing outfits in the Philippine flag colors, the junior dance crew that wowed judges and audiences from their first appearance in the Qualifiers through to The Duels, received the scores of 98-98-100 with an average of 98.7 to move forward to the finals of the Junior Team Division at NBC World of Dance.

The VPeepz dance routine so amazed the three judges who were on their feet to cheer the Filipino group.

“Without a flip, without a trick, without anything, nobody risked their life and you got all three of us above our seats. JLo got the gooseys,” said judge NeYo who gave them the night’s first 100 score.

JLo added, “You guys smashed that. Oh my God. Everything was just so clever and perfect.”

“The clarity of the choreography, the thoughtfulness. There were spacing and music that allowed us to appreciate the those hard moments, the intricate moments with the footwork.You didn’t leave any beat, any moment unturned. It was so beautiful. You nailed it,” declared Derek Hough.

The World of Dance website named the VPeepz performance as one of the Top 5 Moments of the episode saying, “Dancing for their dreams, this junior team earned the first, well-deserved 100 of the night.”

WATCH this winning Filipino dance routine at The Cut on April 14 still trending on YouTube and leave your comments below for VPeepz, Team Philippines at the World of Dance!

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