Wanda’s Wonderful World wins 3 awards at Great Lakes Christian Film Fest in New York

Wanda's Wonderful World
Coney Reyes is Wanda, a former beauty queen-turned-eventologist who makes her clients’ dreams come true but can’t seem to make her own wishes happen. Credits screengrab GLCFF trailer.

Wanda’s Wonderful World, a comedy drama film starred by Filipino actors, won three awards at the 2019 Great Lakes Christian Film Festival (GLCFF 2019) in Buffalo, New York.

Wanda’s Wonderful World is a made-for-television film released on ABS-CBN for the Holy Week in 2018. The film that centers on finding hope and the love of God not only touched the hearts of Filipinos but also wowed the international movie critics gathered in New York.

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The comedy drama film tells the story of Wanda, played by multi-awarded actress Coney Reyes, a former beauty queen who has built a successful events company that makes her clients’ dreams come true. The film revolves around the CEO’s roller coaster search for her own dreams of life’s purpose and true love. The cast includes seasoned Filipino award-winning actors Tirso Cruz III and Ricky Davao.

“Actually, Wanda is sort of a complicated character. But if you dig deep down in her heart, it’s actually simple why she is the way she is. She was a neglected child, so because of that there were certain things she was yearning for in her life,” Coney Reyes explained about her role in the CBN Asia feature.

Seasoned Filipino actors Ricky Davao (L), Tirso Cruz III (C), Coney Reyes (R) star in the award-winning Wanda’s Wonderful World. Credits to CBN Asia.

The CBN Asia production, written and directed by Icko Gonzalez, won 3 of its 7 nominations in the annual New York film festival awards held in August.

Wanda’s Wonderful World won the following awards at the GLCFF 2019:

  1. Best Experimental/Most Creative in a Narrative Feature
  2. Best Lighting in a Narrative Feature
  3. Best Special Effects in a Narrative Feature and

The Filipino-led film was also recognized with the following nominations:

  1. Best Comedy in a Narrative Feature
  2. Best Director in a Narrative Feature
  3. Best Producer in a Narrative Feature
  4. Best Cinematography in a Narrative Feature

Filipino actors and Philippine-made films have received international recognition including Quezon’s Game in Houston, Signal Rock in ASEAN, Ai Ai de Las Alas and Ina Raymundo in Portugal, among many others.

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