WATCH: K-pop idol superstar BTS sends messages of hope to Filipinos amid pandemic

K-pop idol superstar BTS
RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook sent well wishes to Filipino ARMYs in a new video greeting. Screenshot from Smart Communications video.

K-pop superstar idol group BTS is offering a message of hope and encouragement to Filipino fans amid the coronavirus pandemic that has placed the Philippines under one of the longest lockdowns in the world.

The South Korean 7-member boy band expressed its desire to visit the Philippines again and meet Filipino ARMYs (BTS’ fandom name) when COVID-19 passes in a special video greeting posted by the local telecommunications brand Smart on April 21, 2021.

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“It’s been a while since we met ARMY and everyone in the Philippines. Let’s meet soon after this long winter is over. I miss you a lot,” group leader RM said.

Jin shared the importance of making good decisions as a group and his inspiring message to Filipino fans.

“Smart decisions have always been important to us and it seems to have produced good results for us. Let’s be happy everyone. I will encourage you so you can only walk the path of happiness,” Jin said.

Suga and J-hope gave words of encouragement and well wishes to their fans during these difficult times as a result of the public health crisis around the world.

“The year 2021 has started everyone. I hope that everyone stays healthy this year so we see you at the show,” Suga tells fans.

J-hope stressed the importance of finding a sense of purpose in life. “The simple fact is that when you have a purpose, you will have a reason for life and it will become your driving force,” he said.

Jimin left a message to their Filipino fans. “Dear Filipino ARMY, I hope my heart can reach you and thank you for always supporting us. We look forward to seeing you soon,” says Jimin.

BTS’ V reminded fans to stay strong during life’s toughest challenges and uncertainties.

“No matter how many times you fall, don’t give up. Keep yourself going without giving up will break one of the big walls in your life,” V shared. “I always want to meet ARMY with good music and performances as soon as possible after COVID-19 is over.”

Jungkook offered advice to their followers. “It would be nice if you had a clear purpose but I hope that you will think about and judge your realistic environment and do what you need to do, one by one,” Jungkook said.

The youngest member and vocalist of the band also expressed happiness at being selected as the brand’s new ambassadors.

“I hope your life will be a smart life in the future like Smart. I’ll be rooting for you. Stay healthy.” he said.

BTS is featured on the new Smart campaign launched in the Philippines on April 22.

The K-pop superstars of BTS took notice of Filipino singer Ysabelle Cuevas for her “really awesome” song cover of the boy band’s hit “Boy With Luv” and Filipino dance group Mastermind’s cover of BTS’ new hit ‘Dynamite’.

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