Why Drew Brinsky keeps coming back to the Philippines

Video maker Drew Brinsky has been to the Philippines 29 times and continues to happily create travel videos about his visits.

Brinsky makes daily travel videos on a mission to visit every country in the world but he manages to revisit the Philippines which he declares his favourite.

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This is Why The Philippines is My Favorite Country on Earth

The Facebook video maker’s recent post starts off from his visit to Legazpi, home to Mayon Volcano.

The video shares 5 of a million reasons why Brinksy considers the Philippines his 2nd home:

1. The People

Filipinos are the absolute friendliest people in the world, exclaims Brinsky. He cites the welcoming smiles, the caring “how is your day” greetings, and the fact that everyone can speak fluent English which makes it easy to get around.

2. The Nature

The total island count of the Philippines has been raised to 7,641 after 500 more islands were recently revealed. Brinsky’s favourite islands are Siquijor, Siargao, and Palawan although he says all islands share the same beautiful views, oceans, and beaches. He cites the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, waterfalls, and volcanoes.

3. The Lifestyle

Brinsky takes a different perspective on “Filipino time” explaining it is because no one is in a hurry on these islands and relaxation is the key. He notes the ease of jeepney and tricycle modes of transport. No time for boredom on the Philippine islands, he says.

4. The Affordability

One of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia to visit, plane fares are cheap, and so are one hour massages, and fresh coconuts.

5. The Fresh Fruit

He notes how the tropical weather with year round sunshine and warm temperatures make the perfect climate for growing all kinds of fruit – and Brinsky lists his faves banana, ube, watermelon, mangoes. He even praises the halo-halo mix of fresh fruits and shaved ice and coconut.

He has been to 130 countries since 2017 and still declares, “this magical country is my favorite place in the world.”

Brinsky announces: “If you ever find yourself in South East Asia, you need to make this the very first place on your list.”

Brinsky’s Facebook videos have garnered over 87 million views and he beckons his audience to visit the Philippines that he loves, offering good travel tips.

Here is another Brinsky video about the Philippines

Why I’ve Been to The Philippines 29 Times

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