Why is it so difficult to stop a determined person?

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

“Why am I having a hard time attaining my goal?”
“Why do I stop at the middle of a fight?”
“Why am I being dragged down and why does this affect me so much?
“Why do I lose heart whenever I have a problem?”

Are you wondering how other people can do it? They don’t seem to give up whatever they are going through in life. They will face whatever problem or challenge head-on, even if it keeps on coming back and they can still recover from it. But for you, it’s a different story. You can’t seem to do what they do!

One secret of successful people is that they are DETERMINED!


When you are determined:
√ You don’t back out on anything
√ You don’t retreat from any challenge
√ Nothing and no one can stop him

For example, if you want to lose weight then you won’t mind the work you need to do at the gym and to let go of your favorite sweets. If you want to save, you won’t mind limiting your spending. If you want to finish your education, you will not complain about sleepless nights or sacrificing bonding time with your friends so that you have more study time.

The result, SUCCESS!

Why is it difficult to stop a person who is determined? What can we learn from them?

    Determined people are committed to their goal 101%.
    When they say it is what they want, it is definitely what they want— NO IF, NO BUT. Period.
    They are not the type who would say, “I want this or that” then are the first to back out when something better comes along. They are people of their word.
  2. DRIVE
    Determined people have a strong drive. They will keep on pushing themselves until they reach their goal.
    They will not allow anything come between them and their target, whether it be as simple as everyday goals or as big as planning the future.
    Determined people are hard to stop because they only have one thing in mind – their eyes are only focused on ONE GOAL ALONE. In effect, they don’t get sidetracked or lost along the way.

    This person is like a horse with blinders that prevents it from seeing its rear and sides, but is set only on what is ahead – the finish line. They don’t overwhelm themselves with too many things or priorities. And so, they are free from any distraction.

    When you are focused, it gives you…

    Nothing can stop a person who is determined because they follow only one direction and that is the “path of success”.

    Having a direction helps you make wise decisions and not have a problem with setting aside something that may not be for you.

    A determined person doesn’t stop or never quits because he/she considers the path of success as something challenging, but fun.

    Take for instance, students who want to have a better future. At the start, they will find the process difficult – lack of sleep and loads of schoolwork. Yet when they begin to think about the possibility of having a better future, they can go through whatever it takes with joy.

    Perhaps the reasons why we easily give up are because we see these goals as pressure, we don’t love what we do, and then we do it for others, not for ourselves.


Are you a determined person?
If not, what is stopping you from being one?
What can you do to take away the things that hinder you from attaining your goals?

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