Why This Arab Guy Fell in Love with the Philippines

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Do you feel underrated?

Do you feel like nobody appreciates your hard work and all of the sacrifices that you have done?

Are you not motivated and inspired in your everyday life?

Tariq Farekh is the founder and CEO of KOROOTI. The company provides discount cards for Filipinos in the Middle East to help them save money and earn extra income.

So far, 65 thousand Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are benefitting from Korooti’s discount cards.

In this video Farekh tells us why he is an Arab guy who fell in love with the Philippines:
Don’t expect that the Filipinos who are in the Middle East are living like real kings and queens there. No.

There is a huge number of Filipinos working overseas, so we have to take care of them.
The Filipino smile is really taking my breath all the time.

I look at the Filipinos smiling good, smelling good.

Although it’s not an easy life for OFWs to be away from their families, from their kids if they have kids and so on.

Many times when I am just sitting at the office, ladies would keep knocking at the door,

“Can we look for a job?”
“Can you hire us?”

So it’s almost like, everyday, and the temperature outside is like 50 degrees.

They come fresh, good, greeting with a nice smile.

And I was like, “I wish I could help everyone.”

So all the time I was like, I would like to know a little bit more about this country.

I would like to go and see the Philippines.

My first visit in the Philippines was in 2001.

And since then I keep coming and going, going coming, just planning to do something for the Filipinos in the Middle East.

Watch this video and be inspired!

This advice is lifted with permission from Mike Grogan’s series of advice. For comments, suggestions and reactions, contact Mike @mikegrogan.ph

(Mike Grogan is an international speaker and best-selling author who believes in the Genius of the Pinoy. As a leadership coach, Irish native Mike has traveled to 39 countries around the world but he believes that there is something very special about the Filipino. Today he works as a consultant for People Dynamics, where he travels across the Philippines inspiring, empowering and motivating Pinoys every week to become World-Class and believe in the Filipino Dream.)

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