Why You Need To Know The Secrets Of Chinoypreneurs

In all things success comes to those who learned from the best and the greatest.

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I am so blessed that I have learned from a great master Francis J. Kong who taught me everything I know about public speaking. Without hi guidance, I will not be an author and a motivational speaker.

Likewise, if you are already an entrepreneur or wannabe entrepreneur.

I would you like to share with you my observation while Filipino-Chinese entrepreneurs or what I fondly address them as Chinoyprenuers are successful.

I have a question for you: Have you ever given it much thought as to why you need to know the secrets of these Chinoypreneurs? What’s in it for you, your business and your goals?

Let me give you four reasons why you need to know the secrets of these successful Chinoypreneurs.

You need to know their secrets because:

INSPIRATION – you need people who can inspire you to act on your dreams.

Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, John Gokongwei – I may have already mentioned these Chinoypreneurs to you. And who doesn’t get inspired by their success stories? I don’t know with you but I surely want to be where they are now – huge business empires, overflowing bank accounts (for sure!), the influence that they have and the passion that they put into their respective niches.

Why do we need to know the secrets of these successful Chinoypreneurs? That’s simple, we need to know their secrets because we need people who will inspire us. We need to hear more about their stories, we want to be able to relate to their humble beginnings and just be inspired to reach for our own dreams.

Inspiration plays a very important role in business (or whatever aspect of our life, for that matter); we can think of it as the fuel that keeps us going to where we need to go and it also reminds us of the things that keep us going.

So knowing these Chinoypreneurs’ secrets will not only give us the access to the technicalities of the world of entrepreneurship but most importantly, knowing their secrets gets us inspired!

EXAMPLE – you need role models that you can follow.

And because these Chinoypreneurs’ stories already give so much inspiration to people who want to begin their own business journey, they already have made themselves the perfect role models. Role models who actually “do” what it takes and role models who actually walk the talk!

You know how tiring it can be to look up to people who seem to be flawless and perfect – it seems as if they’re too impossible to emulate. This is not the case with these Chinoypreneurs because along with their success stories, we can see how they struggled and worked their way up; we see their imperfections too and so we totally can relate to them – I personally think that this is the best criteria that a role model can have.

Why do we need to know their secrets? We need to know their secrets because we need people, real people with real challenges and with real motivation.

MOTIVATION – you need proof that you can achieve your dreams.

If these highly successful Chinoypreneurs are not proof enough that your dreams are attainable, I don’t know what are. They are living testimonies of hard-work, perseverance and faith rolled into one. This is why we need to know their secrets – we need proof that every dream that’s birthed in our hearts are there for a very good reason.

So yes, we need people who can inspire us, we need actual relatable role models and we need proof that our dreams are there for the taking. And the best reason why you need to know the secrets of these Chinoypreneurs is…

ROADMAP – you want follow what they are doing.

If you’ve read up until this part of the write-up, I’m a hundred percent sure that you want success! I mean many people do want to jump into the boat of success but a few of them actually find a way to get near to that boat first.

Did the title of this blog catch your attention? If yes, then that’s because you also want the success that these Chinoypreneurs are enjoying and you are on the right track! Everything starts with a desire then this desire needs to be backed up by actions. If you want to keep treading the road to success then I suggest you keep moving.

Now that you understand why there is a need to know the secrets of the successful Chinoypreneurs, you will next feel the need to take action. Continue digging deeper and learning.

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