10 Things Business People Avoid To Succeed

In my years of doing business and being around with business people. One thing I’ve observed that they have embraced the business mindset. Not only do they motivate me on how to grow money (through business), they also inspire me through their best practices. They have made many mistakes and cost them time, money and effort.

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So if you are an entrepreneur and a wannabe entrepreneur. Before even starting the journey, let’s take on some important lessons from business people and how certain mindsets and principles.

Here are 10 things that business people avoid for success

They avoid wasting energy on things they can’t control.

Bad traffic, lousy weather or unreasonable people – these are some of the common things that can’t be controlled; they simply surprise us in the face! People who are wise major on the majors not on the minors. They know that stressing over things that they can’t control will only leave them disappointed. So when a situation turns out unsuccessfully, they are able to shrug it off and move forward because they acknowledge that the only thing they can control is the way they respond to these situations.

They avoid wasting time.

For business people, time is money. Every minute lost is money lost. They recognize the great role time plays in their business; therefore, they cannot afford to lose so much time. And how do they make sure that they make the most of their time? They schedule and develop a structured daily routine to make sure everything is given attention to.

They avoid giving up.

Every failure is an opportunity to improve and try again – this is how business people perceive failures. And successful names in the business world can attest to that. The greatest entrepreneurs are always ready to accept defeat and learn from it. They are willing to fail over and over if that means getting closer to their goals.

They avoid feeling sorry for their situation.

Business isn’t always sunshine; in fact, there could be times when all that’s seen are dark clouds. They could be uncertainties in investments made or low sales. But business people cannot just go around feeling sorry for that bad investment and feeling discouraged because of low sales despite good marketing efforts. Instead, they are able to come out as more self-aware and more resilient people. They have developed the understanding that life and the circumstances are not always in their favor. So they get up and say “perhaps, the next try” instead of feeling sorry for their situation.

They avoid pleasing everybody.

Businesses have different value propositions as much as they have diverse identified markets. If a business seeks to provide their products and services to all people, that business is doom to fail. It is important for a business to identity their specific target market so that it can focus on it. And so business people are very much aware that they simply cannot please everybody, so they don’t.

They avoid steering away from change.

Because they know that change is inevitable, they embrace it. An environment of change can energize business people and they can challenge them to offer the best game that they can for their customers. Furthermore, business people are flexible enough to adapt to change; as a result, they never run away from it.

They avoid taking risks that are not calculated.

Business people know how to weigh the drawbacks and benefits before completely jumping into a business decision. They fully evaluate the potentiality of drawbacks and get ready for the worst-case scenarios prior to taking action.

They avoid resenting the success of others.

Real business people know the value of hard work when it comes to putting up a business so if someone succeeds at it, they feel genuine excitement for that person and they do not feel bitter about others’ success. They are willing to work harder to get a chance at success.

They avoid making the same mistakes.

Because business people look forward to improving and learning from the challenges they face, making the same mistakes is a big deal – it means that they never learn. And so, they avoid it.

They avoid expecting instant outcomes.

They understand and appreciate the process. They recognize that good results take time. Great outcomes also require proper planning and good execution of action plans – both take time to achieve.

I hope these ten lessons will guide and enlighten you on how you are running your business. But for people who want to start but are clueless where to start?

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