10 Ways To Live A Positive Life This 2019

We all want positivity in life. When bad things are about to happen or are already happening, we somehow manage to try and look at the positive side of things. Now imagine if we can learn to practice this attitude throughout the entire year.

Here are 10 ways to live a positive life this 2019:

1Expect That Good Things Will Happen In Your Life

They say expectations become the reason for disappointments but what they also fail to reiterate is that expectations also push us to work for things for our good. What you expect from life is ultimately what life will give you. If you only expect the worse from life, then no matter how things work for your favour, you will always find a reason to see it in a negative way. So if you expect good things, then good things will happen and good things will surprise you.

You review for an upcoming exams because you expect to pass it, don’t you? So expect the good things! If you’re starting a business, expect that you will make money. If you are preparing for that job interview, expect to get hired for the job. If you are making a presentation or a sales pitch, expect that you will close that deal.

2Look For The Good In Everyone

With all the negativity that’s surrounding us – the daily news we see on TV about crimes, disasters, or even the day-to-day dealings that we do in life, it sometimes becomes easier to see the worst in people and point out their flaws. But it’s never impossible to learn how to see the good in everyone.

When we remember how God loves us despite our flawed selves – how He chose to forgive and save us despite sin; we somehow become equipped with the grace that we need to do the same for the people in our lives. Your teacher might be impossible to like but hey, at least you learn some things from her. Your parents may be difficult to understand at times but they surely made sure they can give you the best life that they can offer. Your spouse may seem impossible and unlovable at times but s/he is the only one who knows every inch of you.

So this year, learn to ask for God’s grace so you can likewise learn to see the good in everyone.

3Look For The Good In Every Situation

Traffic, bad news, inflation, unstable gas prices, conflicts – name it and you’ll have an unending list of worse situations you can possibly think. But, if you want to live a positive life this 2019, you need to learn to look for the silver lining in every situation. If Catriona Gray was able to see the beauty of working in a very poor place, then we can also choose to look for the good in every situation.

It’s all just a matter of changing your points of view. Traffic means, you have more time to listen to your podcasts, bad news means an opportunity to pray for your country, inflation teaches us to value our investments and be wise about making them. There are so many good things that we get from all the bad things that’s going on if we only look with a different perspective.

4Choose To Do What Is Right

Because choosing to do what’s comfortable is the easier way, choosing to do what’s right becomes the more challenging part since it doesn’t always mean what’s agreeable to us. This year, choose to do what’s right instead of what’s comfortable and you’ll see how positively it can impact your life.

If everyone is cheating in your school, choose to do what’s right by not giving in to the pressure. If everyone at work is practicing dishonesty, choose to be honest in the littlest of things. Doing what is right isn’t always easy but it’s always on the positive side of the quadrant.

5Choose To Be Grateful.

A grateful heart gives way to a grateful life in general. When we learn to be grateful, we teach ourselves to see the positive side of things and circumstances around us. Have you ever spent time with someone who is so ungrateful, someone who always sees the negative side of things? How did the experience make you feel? How about spending time with someone who is grateful? I’m pretty sure the former only drained the energy out of you by complaining so much and the latter is someone who is easy and nice to be with, isn’t it?

Cultivating a heart of gratitude similarly paves the way for living a positive life. So this 2019, choose to be grateful and see how a heart of gratitude can have a very positive effect in your life.

6Do What You Love And Enjoy

When you do what you love and enjoy, you give off positive vibes. You become energized, inspired and happy. Therefore doing what you love and enjoy allows you to have a positive impact in your life and even the lives of those you meet and engage with every single day. If you love and enjoy going to school, you enjoy getting high grades and acing the exams which can turn into a very positive influence in your circle of friends at school. If you love and enjoy your job, you don’t report late and you don’t complain about it; this can also become a very positive influence to the rest of the people in your workplace.

7Give Yourself To Others

If you want to live a truly positive life this 2019 then it’s about time to look beyond yourself – be selfless and go the extra mile for people. Spend a couple of minutes over lunch break with your problematic officemate. Take time to teach your classmate who’s having a hard time catching up to your new lesson. Go home early and spend time with your kids. Date your wife. There are so many ways that you can give yourself to others and by doing so, you truly live a positive life!

8Read Good Books And Attend Good Seminars

To be able to live a positive life, you need to put positive things into your life as well. What have you been feeding your mind the past year? Make a commitment this 2019 to feed your mind with good stuff – read good books and attend good seminars.

When you invest in things that will bring a positive impact to your life, you ultimately live a positive life in general. If you want to learn how to manage your finance this year, read Chinkee Tan’s books – there are so many positive lessons that you can apply. You can also attend his online seminars if you want to learn more about handling your money and developing proper money mindsets.

9Expose Yourself To Positive People

The people that you surround yourself with has so much to say about the kind of life you are living. If you constantly hangout with negative, lazy and grumpy people, you’ll probably get influenced by them. But if you surround yourself with positive people, so will you learn their positive outlook and become positive about life too.

Good things happen when you surround yourself with like-minded people.

10Connect To God

And lastly, but surely the most important one: connect yourself to the source of all positivity – God. Get connected to Him through prayer, your quiet time and devotional. Connect with a church community that will remind you to connect to God whenever life tries to cut the connection. When you tap into the source, you will have enough energy to live a positive 2019!


Why is it important to live a positive life?

In what ways can a positive life impact and influence other people?

What are other ways that can help you live a positive life this year?

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