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1st Hackbang Hackathon Mindanao to create solutions for “New Normal” challenges 

Hackbang Hackathon new normal
Hackbang Hackathon will have its pilot in Mindanao and is projected to be continued in other Philippine islands. Screengrab from Hackbang Hackathon launch video.

The Hackbang Hackathon to create solutions to challenges for Mindanao in the transition to the “new normal” is being set up over 4 days of June 2020.

From June 26-29, Hackbang will be hosting a free virtual hackathon to anyone interested in helping shape the region’s post-COVID 19 scenarios.

The team behind Hackbang Hackathon went live on Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube on May 22, 2020, to launch the project that aims to bring people together online to find solutions to challenges currently faced by Mindanao.

On their website, Hackbang asks, “The COVID-19 crisis has taken over your life, your business, your freedom. It’s pivot or perish. How do you want to respond?”

Hackbang calls for teams or individuals willing to join a set of online seminars, conferences, and brainstorming sessions to tackle 12 individual challenge areas that arose during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mentors, mentees, programmers, innovators, and technology-savvy individuals are invited to collectively brainstorm ideas to alleviate issues that include:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Economy
  3. Supply Chain
  4. Logistics
  5. Communication
  6. Education
  7. Arts and Culture
  8. Tourism
  9. Protection of Risk Groups
  10. Law and Order
  11. Isolation and Mental Health
  12. After Crisis

The organizers of the event say that focusing on one island in the country would better fine-tune future events since they plan to one day go national.

The Hackbang Hackathon will ask participants to create proposals for solutions to the challenges that are deemed viable for implementation.

Hackbang welcomes registration to participate, volunteer, support, or donate in this link.

Hackathons are described as events where people come together to ideate solutions or innovations under a chosen issue. These events have already yielded a number of innovations. For example, a Filipino dengue case predictor developed by the Project Aedes team came from a NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon. The Project Aedes team is also currently involved in a global tracker for COVID-19 cases.

Another hackathon was hosted earlier this year in the hopes of yielding benefits to the country’s agriculture and nature scenes.

TELL US in the comments below, what do you hope to see in the Hackbang Hackathon?

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