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1st Hackbang Hackathon Mindanao to create solutions for “New Normal” challenges 

The Hackbang Hackathon to create solutions to challenges for Mindanao in the transition to the "new normal" is being set up over 4 days of June 2020.

6 Business Lessons You Can Use in 2018

There is no one in this world that has been spared from having to face challenges in life. But these are not given to us to make us weak and be disheartened. These challenges...
Chinkee Tan

Why Does God Allow Challenges?

There are times in our life when we ask God why we are experiencing suffering and pain. Or at times when the burden is too heavy, we question God’s intentions and plans for our life.
Chinkee Tan

Why You Shouldn’t Quit

"I give up! I quit!" "I can’t take it anymore!” “I don’t want to do it!" It is so easy to say these words when we are experiencing difficulties and challenges in life.
Chinkee Tan

It’s Not Good to be Lazy

Sleep late … Wake up late… Facebook all day… TV and gadget all day… Consistently unproductive. Do you know anyone who does absolutely nothing for the whole day?
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