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Bobsy’s Incredible Journey: Discovering The Philippines’ Beauty Amid Challenges

Bob “Bobsy” Lendel B. Torrato showcases the Philippines’ natural beauty through his resilient spirit and stunning drone photography. Photos and videos used with permission from Bobsy’s FB Page.

In a heartwarming tale of determination and discovery, Bob “Bobsy” Lendel B. Torrato has defied the odds and embarked on a remarkable journey across the Philippines. Born with a clubfoot condition, Bobsy overcame his disability and is capturing the country’s natural splendor through his drone adventures. This is Bobsy’s story, as shared with Good News Pilipinas.

Challenges in Bobsy’s life came early. Born on July 16, 1990, during a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that halted his mother’s cesarean operation, doctors were surprised to discover the new baby had clubfoot, causing the foot to stay pointed, turned in and under, and making walking difficult.

Despite the early adversity, Bob was raised with unwavering support from his family who ensured he received an education and pursued his dreams, including learning to edit videos and promote nature through his newfound passion for drones.

As a child, Bob faced teasing and exclusion due to his condition, compounded by the absence of friends who later chose career paths as soldiers. Finding employment was also a struggle.

Yet, through it all, his family remained his greatest support, encouraging him to pursue his ambitions relentlessly.

Motivated by his mother’s memory, Bob found solace and purpose in drone videography after her passing, using it to explore the Philippines’ breathtaking landscapes.

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His favorite spot, Mount Pulag in Benguet, became a sanctuary where he communed with nature and prayed for his loved ones’ well-being.

Preparing meticulously for each journey, Bobsy emphasizes the importance of physical fitness, mental fortitude, and prayer.

His favorite destination, Mount Pulag, with its sea of clouds, holds a special place in his heart, not only for its natural beauty but also for the opportunities it brings him.

Here is Bobsy on TikTok:


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Despite the challenges of slipping, injury, and weathering storms during his travels, Bob remains undeterred, advocating for improved accessibility for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in mountain climbing.

His dream is to see more secure paths and supportive infrastructure for PWDs in challenging terrains.

To fellow PWDs aspiring to explore the Philippines, Bob offers words of encouragement: “Pangarap ko din po sa PWD na katulad ko na mamotivate ko sila kasi ang ganda talaga ng mundo, na hindi lang diyan umiikot ang buhay nila. Labas sila sa comfort zone nila para malinawan sila kung gaano kaganda ang Pilipinas.”

(“My dream is to motivate other PWDs like me because the world is truly beautiful, and their lives should not revolve solely around that (disability). They should step out of their comfort zones to see how beautiful the beauty of the Philippines.“)

Reflecting on his journey, Bob shares, “Natutunan ko po na kailangan mo munang paghirapan ang isang bagay na gustong-gusto mong makuha o mapuntahan at hindi dapat pa dalos-dalos. Sa ibang bagay kailangan mo muna ng proseso at tyaga bago mo marating o makamit ang iyong pinapangarap.”

(“I’ve learned that you need to work hard for something you want to achieve or reach, and it shouldn’t be rushed. For some things, you need a process and patience before you can reach or achieve your dreams.”)

Looking forward, Bobsy dreams of documenting more Philippine wonders like Mt. Maligcong, Batad Rice Terraces, Mt. Apo, and his ultimate dream, Mt. Guiting Guiting in Sibuyan, Romblon, and Batanes.

His aspiration is not just personal; he aims to inspire fellow PWDs to step out of their comfort zones and witness the beauty of the Philippines firsthand.

Bob envisions a future of happiness, peace, and advanced equipment for his videography. His message to PWDs echoes loudly: explore the world, appreciate its wonders, and embrace life’s challenges with resilience and hope.

Through his journey, Bob “Bobsy” Lendel B. Torrato exemplifies courage, resilience, and an unyielding spirit that inspires us all to see the world with fresh eyes and a determined heart.

Similar to Bobsy’s story, Filipino PWDs who have shown determination to overcome challenges include para-athletes in football, the first visually impaired Philippine Bar Exam passer, and champion para swimmer Ernie Gawilan, an athlete headed to the 2024 Paris Paralympics.

WATCH the video highlight of this story on Good News Pilipinas TV and GNP social media and send good wishes to Bobsy as he continues to explore the Philippines!

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