2020 YEAR ENDER: Best Good News on Pinoys

Year Ender best good news
These Pinoys showed us how to face challenges and come out winners.

This Year Ender List of the Best Good News on Pinoys in 2020 presents outstanding people who showed the best of the Filipino spirit, especially when faced with a most-challenging year.

An international news anchor who chose to come home to the Philippines, a grandmother who hand-sews a couture gown for her grandchild, a Filipino singer recording a Disney theme song, a taho vendor feeding checkpoint personnel, Filipino languages commonly spoken across the U.S.A., and the Pinoy legacy to non-violent means to change leaders – these stories illustrated how Pinoys keep giving us sources of Filipino pride.

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These are the 6 Good News on Pinoys in 2020 that received the most love from GoodNewsPilipinas.com readers:

6. News anchor Rico Hizon returns to Philippine TV after 25 years

International broadcast journalist Rico Hizon chose to return home to Philippine television after 25 years overseas delivering the news for global news corporations, BBC News, and CNBC.

The Asian TV Awardee for Best News Programme and Highly Commended Award recipient for Best News Anchor/Presenter was again seen anchoring a Filipino news program on CNN Philippines in the midst of the raging coronavirus pandemic in March to bring the news to Pinoys.

HAPPENING NOW: BBC News anchor Rico Hizon comes home after 25 years overseas to strengthen CNN Philippines

5. Lola Jovita hand-sews couture prom gown for apo

Grandmother Jovita Baldeo’s handsewn Gigi Hadid-inspired gown for her grandchild went the rounds of social media with netizens praising the “Lola’s love”.

The 72-year-old Lola Jovita’s act of love for her granddaughter, a grade 10 student of Masbate Comprehensive National High School who needed a prom dress in March but had no budget to rent or buy one, swept Twitterverse and went on to other social media, eliciting netizens’ sharing of their own memories of grandmothers and mothers doing the same for them.

Lola Jovita’s handsewn Gigi Hadid-inspired prom gown for her apo inspires netizens

4. Moira Dela Torre records Mulan’s Reflection

In March, Disney picked Filipino Singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre to record for local release a version of the song “Reflection” from the hit animation movie, Mulan, originated by Broadway star Lea Salonga.

The Mulan live-action film is a remake of the hit animation movie featuring Lea Salonga as the singing voice of Mulan. Salonga’s “Reflection” became a hit and an anthem for young girls across the globe.

Disney picks Moira dela Torre to record Mulan theme song “Reflection”

3. Tagalog and Ilocano are top languages spoken in the U.S.

An American survey revealed in January that the Philippine languages of Tagalog and Ilocano are among the most common languages spoken in the United States, aside from English and Spanish.

The annual United States Census Bureau American Community Survey asked more than one million American respondents what language they mainly speak in their homes, and the results show the predominance of the Philippine languages in three states.

American survey reveals Tagalog, Ilocano are Top languages spoken in the U.S.

2. The world remembers Filipinos’ People Power

The 34th anniversary of EDSA People Power in February reminded the world of the mass uprising of Filipinos who gathered at the capital’s main highway to call for the downfall of a tyrant.

The commemoration of the Philippines’ legacy to world history is set amidst a Covid-19 scare that discourages mass gatherings, a media environment that has shades of Martial Law-like strikes on press freedom, and a prevailing stigma on the color yellow that was once the symbol of the Philippine nation’s brave stance against a dictatorship.

EDSA People Power had Filipinos stirring across the nation and the world – and the world was abuzz as it watched the developing story that was tagged as “the Philippines teaching the world what is democracy”.

EDSA People Power: The Philippines shows world the way to non-violent resistance to tyranny

1. Taho vendor feeds checkpoint personnel

Mang Boyong, a street food vendor selling Taho, gave up his daily income and chose to give away the popular Filipino snack to feed checkpoint personnel along the Valenzuela-Meycauayan Bulacan boundary.

Mang Boyong was seen in netizen and news posts giving out the popular snack made of tofu pudding to the checkpoint personnel whom he said noted were working tirelessly and under the heat of the sun in that area.

Taho street vendor “Mang Boyong” gives up income to feed checkpoint personnel

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