3 Ways To Avoid Money Fight With Your Spouse | Chinkee Tan

“Have you ever had a disagreement with your spouse regarding money?”

Money talks with your spouse can sometimes become challenging especially when you don’t speak in the same language. Some find it uncomfortable talking about money matters and this is something couples need to overcome because when you got married.

The goal of having money conversations with your spouse is always geared towards achieving a healthy, loving and nurturing communication about your finances.

If you are having a challenging time talking about the topic of money. Here are three ways that you can help money conversations with your spouse easier:

Talk About Each Other’s History About Money

Did you grow up in a family where there was always lack of money thereby making you very frugal about it? Or did your spouse grow up in an environment where spending was never an issue?

Learn about each other’s history about money so you will understand your spouse’s principles and practices better. When you know and understand each other’s money history, it becomes easier for you to grasp your spouse’s views.

Schedule Money Dates

Just like your usual weekly date nights with your spouse, it is also healthy to squeeze in some money dates with each other – once a week or twice a month. During these money dates you can talk about your finances; you can review your budget and understand your spending habits. You may discuss future expenses and investments or even schedule a time with your financial adviser to talk about your financial goals.

Romantic dates nurture your marriage while money dates nurture your financial health as a couple. A lot of couples fight about money because they bring the issue up at a very wrong time; either the other is too tired from work to discuss it or it could be because of other emotional distractions that make money talks even more stressful. Money dates are the perfect time to talk about anything money-related.

Stay Committed

Fights about money in your marriage is OK; the key is to stay committed. Stay committed to working as a team and improving as a team. Stay committed to providing for your family’s needs and stay committed to your vows.

Like all other challenges in marriage, money-related challenges will always be there but not all of them are meant to destroy your marriage; some are designed to make your marriage strong and your partnership even more unshakable.


How’s your money talks with your spouse?

Do you have a scheduled time when you can talk about your finances or do you simply talk about it anytime when you feel the need to?

If you want to improve your money conversation with your spouse but do know how.

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