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Chinkee Tan: How did this wife multiply the income of her husband?

Ever since I have believed that getting wealthy is not about how much income you can take home. The real secret to becoming rich is the wise management of finances. This is what a homemaker named Janet did with her husband’s income. Now, they are living comfortably, even currently preparing for their rich retirement. Let us be inspired by her story.

5 Ways To Be A Good Business Partner To Your Spouse

Times have changed. Gone are the days when wives exclusively stay home to take care of the children while the husbands do the money-generating work. Don’t get me wrong, some marriages practice the traditional...

3 Ways To Avoid Money Fight With Your Spouse | Chinkee Tan

“Have you ever had a disagreement with your spouse regarding money?” Money talks with your spouse can sometimes become challenging especially when you don’t speak in the same language. Some find it uncomfortable talking about...
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