6 Things We Wish We Could Buy For Our Parents

Giving back to parents
Filipino parents give their all for their kids and now its time to give back.

Filipinos are renowned for giving their best when its comes to family, with parents going to the extent of sacrificing their dreams and well-being just to make sure their children have the best opportunities.

Giving back to parents should be a sincere effort, a well-thought and well-planned process that reflects the children’s appreciation and what the parents actually want or need.

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In this article we present tips about possible gifts for our parents, courtesy of Century Properties.

6 Things We Wish We Could Buy for Our Parents

To show our appreciation for all the years they’ve nurtured and provided for us, we make it a point to give back to our parents through simple gestures like treating them out to a nice meal or a shopping spree. After working hard for the family, parents deserve to enjoy the finer things in life, especially when all of their kids have finished school and now have stable jobs.

Given a chance, what dream item would you get for your parents? Is it a brand new car, an all-expenses paid trip, or a house? When it comes to our parents, it’s sky’s the limit for sure. To give you an idea of what to get for your parents, we’ve prepared a list that will inspire you to save up for the “ultimate” parent gift!

1. A luxe appliance that can improve the home or make chores easier

These days, appliances are becoming more advanced – thanks to technology. From having bulky TVs in the living room, many homes now have slim smart TVs that can connect to the Internet so it will be or look up Youtube videos with ease.

As an alternative, you can also look into purchasing a robotic vacuum that can clean floors with a touch of a button! Your parents can just relax and lounge on the sofa as the vacuum does its magic of getting rid of dirt and dust.

2. A “choose-your-own-pampering package” date at the spa

Moms and dads don’t admit it often, but every once and a while, they would like to feel like royalty. To do just that, why not schedule a spa appointment and let them choose the treatments they would like to get?

A refreshing facial, a calming massage, or a reviving body scrub can make them feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the next chapter of their lives. After your spa appointment, complete the royal treatment by treating them to tea and macarons.

3. A designer bag for Mom and a watch for Dad

Even if they don’t admit it, parents seldom buy things for themselves. Instead of buying something they really like, they often think twice if it’s worth it, choosing to save the money for family expenses. Why not give them a gift they can use often?

Mom would surely appreciate a designer handbag she can use when going out. Make sure you pick out a neutral color that can go with any outfit! Meanwhile, Dad will love a new watch, too! Look up vintage time pieces that can go with casual or formal attire.

4. An all-expenses paid trip to their dream destination

Now that they have more time on their hands, parents would be excited to go on a trip without worrying about the kids being left at home. Ask them about their dream destination, the things they want to do, and places they want to see so you can prepare an itinerary.

They might want to explore the city on their own so leave some room for breaks in between activities so they have time to go on an adventure. Don’t forget to give them enough pocket money, of course!

5. A brand new car

Speaking of going on an adventure, why not surprise them with a new car they can use whenever they please? They can use it when they have to run errands, dropping by the grocery, or even visiting the mall. It doesn’t have to be a fancy limousine – let them choose among the choices you can shortlist! How about a top-notch sedan, an SUV, or even a minivan!

6. A condo unit in a prime location

Now that the children have flown the coop, a family home can feel empty and lonely. While you can still keep and maintain it, you may want to give them a condo unit they can turn into a space they’ve always dreamed of. With a few belongings to consider, they can pick the finishes, the furniture, and the décor that will turn the space into a home.

Reviewing different properties and what each offers can give you an idea of what to purchase for your parents. With more time on their hands, your parents would love to live in an exclusive residential community with open spaces where they can walk or jog. A property with different amenities that will motivate them to stay active will be ideal, too. Century Properties, known for its game-changing real estate projects, takes into consideration the needs of its clients by coming up with developments that feature well-thought-out architecture and unique amenities that inspire homeowners to live the life they’ve always wanted.

Commonwealth by Century promises a safe, secure, and peaceful community your parents will love to come home to. With amenities such as the Show Kitchen, the Movie Room, and the Arts & Crafts Room, they will have a grand time discovering a new hobby. The sprawling outdoor space and soon-to-be-available water features add to the property’s undeniable tranquil ambiance as well. The plus? Since it’s located only a few minutes from the upcoming MRT Line 7, they can visit malls, churches, and other major establishments easily. This makes it easier for you to visit them often, too. With exclusive offers available, you can even buy your own place at Commonwealth by Century and have your parents as neighbors.

Ready to make an investment for your parents? Call (+63) 917 555 5274 or email ask@century-properties.com to learn more about condos for sale and other real еstatе properties by Century Properties.

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