91-year-old Lolo Pedring graduates from La Union high school

Lolo Pedring La Union high school
91-year-old Federico “Lolo Pedring,” Bentayen, Sr. at his high school graduation. Screengrab from video, photo from Femie Aligo Apola FB.

A 91-year-old senior citizen in La Union province has graduated from senior high school, proving that age is by no means a barrier to achieving success and one’s dreams.

Federico Bentayen, Sr., also known as “Lolo Pedring” of Balbalayang in the San Gabriel town of La Union, inspired many with his story of determination and perseverance to complete his education despite overcoming many challenges in his life, including old age.

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Lolo Pedring achieved one of his lifelong dreams after graduating from Balbalayang National High School, several decades after putting his studies on hold to focus on providing for his family and sending his six children to school.

Now a beloved grandfather and community leader, Lolo Pedring was only in his third year of schooling at Kalinga Academy in 1951 when he had to stop going to school to earn a living and support his family, according to a resolution celebrating his extraordinary feat.

Lolo Pedring did not let age discourage him from pursuing his education. At the age of 89, he graduated from Junior High School, also at Balbalayang National High School.

This year, Lolo Pedring was able to achieve yet another milestone and was named model student of the year at the graduation ceremony of the public high school in San Gabriel, La Union, in June 2022.

The model student awardee was accompanied by one of his children at the ceremony and also delivered a speech to inspire fellow students as seen in an ABS-CBN News report.

The Philippines has honored 10 senior citizens as its unsung heroes, including an environmental and disaster risk reduction management promoter, an HIV/AIDS awareness advocate, a community teacher, and more.

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