Baguio City’s Saint Louis University Dance Troupe showcases Filipino folk dances in Korea

Saint Louis University Dance Troupe of Baguio City brought Cordilleran and Philippine folk dances to the limelight by representing the country at the 2019 Jinju World Folk Arts Biennale in South Korea. Credits to Jinju World Folk Arts Biennale.

Saint Louis University (SLU) Dance Troupe from Baguio City showcased the beauty of Filipino folk dances at the 2019 Jinju World Folk Arts Biennale in Jinju, South Korea.

The Filipino dance troupe performed various Igorot dances from Cordillera along with rural dances in the World Folk Arts.

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SLU Dance Troupe trainer and choreographer Sherwin Santiago shared to Good News Pilipinas how they were invited to represent the country by the Conseil International des Organisations de Festivals de Folklore et d’arts Traditionnels (CIOFF).

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Credits to SLU Dance Troupe.

“We are so delighted to be chosen to represent Philippines, because it is not only a chance of representing the country but a chance to share the culture of the Philippines specially the unique identity of the Cordillera,” Sherwin Santiago told Good News Pilipinas.

The SLU Dance Troupe started their preparations in the second week of April right after receiving the invitation.

The Filipino dance troupe represented the Philippines in the South Korea art festival from May 23-26 alongside dancers from China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.

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The Baguio City-based dance troupe has been representing the country in various festivals abroad such as in Belgium, China, US and Thailand, always paying homage to their roots.

In their social media, SLU Dance Troupe expressed their gratitude to all who supported them in making their performances in South Korea possible.

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WATCH this video excerpt of a Saint Louis University Dance Troupe performance in Jinju, South Korea:

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