Bohol’s Dalareich chocolate brand wins APEC Best Award in Chile

Dalareich APEC Awards
Dalareich, Elsa, and Ricardo Polot won for Best Family Support at the APEC BEST Awards 2019. Credits to Dalareich Chocolate

Dalareich Chocolate House is cementing its world reputation as a complementary stop when visiting the Chocolate Hills of Bohol after the Filipino chocolate brand won its third international recognition from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit held in Chile in October.

The house of chocolate in Tagbilaran established by the Polot family and bearing their daughter’s name competed in the APEC Business Efficiency and Success Target (APEC BEST) Awards 2019 held during the Women and the Economy Forum in La Serena, Chile.

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Dalareich Chocolate House won the APEC BEST AWARD 2019 Best Family Support Award, after being nominated by the Philippine Commission on Women and besting nominees from 21 other APEC economies.

Dalareich Polot joined the summit through a live online Skype presentation of their business model which lasted seven minutes and five more minutes for the question and answer portion. She was the lone Philippine nominee and awardee from among the online presenters.

“I didn’t expect any award because I feel like it’s lesser chance for Philippines to win because Ionly presented online. I only prayed for a good internet connection and won’t rain. When the presentation of the other women from different countries started, especially most of them presented personally, I feel so nervous and pressure to present the Philippines using online platform. I prayed so hard that my presentation goes well. You know, the pressure to represent my country and my beloved province of Bohol,” said Polot about her award.

“But God is good! THIS IS NOT MY AWARD. I owed this to people who believe and support us all the way. Receiving 3 international awards this year 2019 are all HIS plans. I’m forever grateful,” Polot added.

Dalareich Chocolate House is the first chocolate factory in Tagbilaran. Credits to Dalareich Chocolate House

Proving that beyond the world-famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol, there are actually award-winning edible local chocolates, Dalareich Chocolate House won in the prestigious London’s Academy of Chocolate Awards in June and received the Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award at the University of Tokyo in Japan last February.

The award for Dalareich Chocolate House was received by DTI Region VII Director Aster Caberte, who is representing the Department of Trade and Industry in the APEC Ministerial Meeting currently being held until October 9, 2019.

Dalareich Chocolate has been raising the image of Filipino chocolate brands, along with other local chocolate makers Auro Cacao and Malagos from Davao, and Davao-Bacolod’s Theo Philo Artisan Chocolates.

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