IN PHOTOS: Fil-British cyclist Sunil Kandola pedals across 19 countries to raise funds for kids in need

Cyclist Sunil Kandola
Sunil Kandola has returned to UK after a grueling 193 days of cycling through 2 continents. Credits to Suni Adventures on Instagram.

Filipino-British cyclist Sunil Kandola has raised funds for children around the world in over 6 months on his bicycle journey from the United Kingdom to China that ended in September.

Sunil Kandola pedaled his bike from his home base in Oxford, England starting February 22 until September 3, 2019, crossing 19 countries and two continents in various road and weather conditions.

Kandola’s Suni Adventures on Instagram recorded his travel across 9,000 miles (14,000 km) from UK to China.

In his post-journey report the Fil-Brit cyclist presents his Oxford to Beijing by the numbers. Credits to Philippine Embassy in the United Kingdom.

Sunil shared to Good News Pilipinas that he went on the cycling tour in the 6-months window between ending his seven years duty at the British Army and starting his MBA studies at the University of Oxford Business School.

The former British Army Captain’s goal was to collect £1 for every mile traveled to gather donations for Save the Children, the world’s first global charity for children, founded in 1919.

“I’ve chosen Save the Children due to their tremendous impact across the globe, their values, and integrity. Every year they ensure that millions of children can grow up safe and healthy, giving them the chance to learn, grow and have healthy and fulfilling lives,” wrote Kandola in his notes for his crowdfunding mission site which is still open to donations as of this writing.

Sunil Kandola, educated at the Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Birmingham, and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, was greeted by Philippine Ambassador to the United Kingdom Antonio M. Lagdameo as the cyclist returned home in late September after the successful journey.

“Sunil’s strength and selflessness are truly admirable. He is a shining example of how far a person can go for as long as he or she puts his or her heart into it,” said Ambassador Lagdameo in the Department of Foreign Affairs report.

Good News Pilipinas presents these images from Suni Adventures on Instagram to recap Sunil Kandola’s 6-month journey from UP to China.


“The hardest part by far was saying farewell to all my close mates and family, all of whom I’m been thinking about the most.” – Sunil as he starts his journey.


“This was by far the most casual day in terms of distance and elevation (75km in total, and around 650m climbed) but it certainly tested my spirits!” – Sunil in Germany.


“As I was nearing Sofia, Bulgaria, and not too long after this pic was taken, my front rack snapped.” – Sunil in Bulgaria.

4. MAY

“What are the odds of two cycle tourers coming across each other who are doing the same route, albeit in opposite directions? They’ve gotta be minuscule.” – Sunil chances upon a fellow cyclist coming from China going home to UK as the Fil-Brit rides the opposite direction.


“It feels good to be getting out of the Karakum desert and into some populated areas. The scenery is gradually changing from flat, isolated, open areas to more hilly and green sights, and it is so refreshing and revitalising!” – Sunil Kandola


“After weeks of cycling on steep, twisting, and bone-shakingly bumpy dirt roads in the Tajikistan mountains, it was such a pleasure to ride on the long, straight, flat roads again. This road also signified the end of the Pamir Highway (at least on the Tajik side).” – Sunil on Pamir roads.


“A little girl looks on as the adults have all the fun.” – Sunil arrives in China.


Sunil Kandola triumphantly finishes his ride from Oxford to Beijing on September 3, 2019.

Sunil Kandola traces his Filipino lineage to his mother from Pandacan, Manila. Asked by Good News Pilipinas if he has been to the Philippines, Sunil responded with enthusiasm about world-renowned travel destinations in the country, “I’ve been to the Philippines about 8 or 9 times and I love it! Especially the mountains in Baguio and islands like Bohol and Palawan.”

When prompted for a message he is trying to deliver with his inspiring journey from UK to China, Sunil said, “The most important message that I’d like to send out to Filipinos, Brits, and everyone, is that you are more capable of achieving great things than you think and that you can always give more to have a happy, fulfilling life. I’ve always found that the hardest part of doing anything big or scary is actually starting it… The rest will fall into place!
‘Think big, act small’ is one of my favourite philosophies in life, as it forces you to have a great goal/vision, but reminds you to start off small, and chip away at your goal!”

Sunil Kandola joins the growing list of athletes who give back to society.

Filipino triathlete Romeo Puncia has also been joining races to raise funds for Palawan tribes in the Philippines.

British national James Fox who moved to the Philippines has journeyed through the country on foot in August to raise funds for housing charities in the Philippines.

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