Bulacan’s Blue Peacock Fireworks Triumphs at Vancouver Celebration of Light: A Glorious Victory for the Philippines!

Bulacan’s Blue Peacock Fireworks Vancouver
Blue Peacock Fireworks from the Philippines makes a triumphant debut at the 2023 Honda Celebration of Light in Vancouver. Experience the dazzling artistry and precision that earned them both the People’s Choice and Judge’s Competition awards. A glorious victory that unites and inspires Filipinos worldwide. Photos by Diones Lago / Scale Up Media Group via Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver and Celebration of Light.

Team Philippines filled the Vancouver skies and evening with dazzling brilliance and marked a historic win at the 2023 Honda Celebration of Light fireworks competition. Bulacan’s Blue Peacock Fireworks made its debut performance memorable with a sensational impression and secured not only the coveted Judge’s Competition Award but also the People’s Choice award.

The Philippine Consulate General (PCG) celebrated the victory in their post following the winner’s announcement on August 1st, stating, “The team’s amazing fireworks choreography carrying the theme, ‘Independence Day,’ captivated the crowd and earned them the prestigious title. The audience marveled at the precision and artistry of the fireworks, which illuminated the night sky in a dazzling array of colors, patterns, and formations. Blue Peacock Fireworks’ musical arrangement featured popular house/trance and epic music, and original Filipino tunes.”

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The excitement of the win was felt among the Filipino community in Vancouver, with many expressing immense pride in their heritage.

Team Philippines: A Dream Come True

The Blue Peacock Fireworks team, comprised of Robert Basihan, Vincent Lebrilla, Marilen Lebrilla, and Klarenz Lebrilla, showcased a meticulously choreographed display. They synchronized harmoniously with a musical arrangement featuring house/trance, epic music, and original Filipino tunes.

Basihan’s dream finally realized after eight years of dedication was evident when he shared with Vancouver CityNews, “At first when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t believe it when I read the message … I felt like I was still dreaming.”

Celebration of Light: A Global Spectacle

This year’s Celebration of Light competition saw top pyrotechnic teams from Australia, Mexico, and the Philippines performing on July 22nd, 26th, and 29th respectively. The event, owned by the Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society and produced by BrandLIVE Management Group, is British Columbia’s largest public gathering.

The Celebration of Light announcement captured the essence of Team Philippines’ performance, declaring, “Team Philippines was honoured as this year’s winner in both the People’s Choice and Judge’s Competition Award, based on a tightly choreographed performance.”

A Victory for Filipino Pride

Based in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Blue Peacock Fireworks’ victory highlights the story of the Philippines’ struggle towards independence. The performance included a taste of Filipino music with an OPM soundtrack, emphasizing the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Filipinos in Vancouver celebrated this achievement, with OMNI Filipino video journalist Rhea Santos telling CityNews, “It’s the best feeling. I’m happy for the community. Filipinos here have two to three jobs, they’re very busy. This is a break from their jobs and just being with friends and family and just enjoying the fireworks – and now, winning the competition? That feels awesome.”

Reflecting the sentiments of many Filipinos around the world, this win is indeed a source of immense pride and joy. The team’s dedication to showcasing the Filipino spirit was evident in their meticulously planned show, which chronicled the story of the Filipino struggle towards independence, all the while adding an OPM (Original Pilipino Music) soundtrack by singer Angeline Quinto, titled “Choose Philippines.”

The Philippines’ pyrotechnics show victory in Vancouver this year follows prior wins by other Filipino teams in Canada tilts: the “Living Skies Come Alive” international pyrotechnic battle held in Saskatchewan, bagging the Gold Jupiter and Best Soundtrack awards at the Montreal Fireworks Competition, and sweeping all awards at the Calgary Fireworks Festival.

A Promising Future

With a history of excellence in the field of pyrotechnics, the Bulacan-based Blue Peacock Fireworks has repeatedly made its mark in both Asia and North America, bagging numerous awards along the way. Their recent win at the world’s longest-running offshore fireworks competition, which saw their debut, not only adds to their illustrious legacy but also infuses the Filipino community with a fresh wave of pride and admiration.

WATCH the video here and SEND CONGRATULATIONS in the comments below to Team Philippines represented by Blue Peacock Fireworks of Bulacan for winning the Vancouver Celebration of Light!

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