Carol Banawa song aired on Vampire Diaries

Pinoy hit song, “Bakit Di Totohanin,” sung by Carol Banawa was featured in the latest episode of television hit series, “The Vampire Diaries (TVD).”

Bakit Di Totohanin

The song played in the background during a scene in a Philippine beach setting, where lead star Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) was being convinced by Valerie Tulle (Elizabeth Blackmore) to travel the world and find a witch who could help him with his scar.

Banawa tweeted about the possible airing of her song a day before the actual broadcast.

Upon airing, Banawa went on Instagram saying, “They have aired it already! #thevampirediaries used my song in one of the scenes for the episode 716. It was a scene between Stefan and Valerie. They used, “BAKIT DI TOTOHANIN” I am in disbelief right now but very grateful! Will be watching it tonight!”

The episode was directed by Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore in TVD.

Somerhalder was in the Philippines in 2012 for an endorsement campaign of a local clothing brand.

Somerhalder’s photo shoot for his Philippine campaign was set on the beaches of El Nido, Palawan, which he reportedly called “probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the face of the planet.”

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