Catriona Gray Champions Clean Water Access in Batangas with Waves for Water and H&M

Catriona Gray Clean Water Batangas
Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray in action: Bringing life-changing clean water solutions to Batangas communities, in partnership with H&M and Waves for Water. Photos from Catriona Gray FB.

Miss Universe 2018 and renowned humanitarian Catriona Gray has again stepped forward to support vital community needs, this time in Batangas province. Partnering with Waves for Water Philippines and backed by H&M, Gray is committed to providing clean water access to the barangay community in Lobo.

In a Facebook post dated December 10, 2023, Gray highlighted the significance of this initiative in Bgy. Calo. Thanks to H&M’s donation of water filter equipment, the local community now has a sustainable solution to a critical problem.

“Many remote communities in our country rely on wells, rivers, and springs as their primary water sources. Unfortunately, this often leads to the use of unclean or contaminated water, resulting in health issues and, in extreme cases, fatalities,” Gray explained.

Beyond equipment donation, Gray and her team have taken an educational approach. They trained local families and leaders in operating the water filters, emphasized the importance of clean drinking water, and conducted handwashing sessions for children.

Gray is also calling on the public to contribute to this cause. Shopping at H&M and choosing to purchase a paper bag for two pesos can have a lasting impact, as proceeds directly support Waves for Water’s mission to provide clean water across the Philippines.

Apart from her water access initiative, Gray is passionately involved with Smile Train, working to offer free surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates in the Philippines and beyond.

Join Catriona Gray in making a difference. Support clean water access by shopping at H&M and contributing to Waves for Water. Together, we can ensure safer, healthier communities in the Philippines. Share this story and spread the word about this life-changing initiative.

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