Compact hospital model in Pangasinan earns finals spot in World Architecture Festival

Compact Hospital World Architecture Festival
Sagip-Kanlungan will vie against 6 other healthcare facilities from around the world. Credits to Sagip-Kanlungan via WAF.

A Pinoy-designed model of a compact hospital for disaster-prone rural Philippines has earned a finalist spot in the World Architecture Festival.

Sagip-Kanlungan, a design for a hospital facility in Pangasinan, is among 7 finalists in the Future Projects Health category – a first for a Filipino entry in the prestigious festival competition.

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The Philippine hospital design created by architects from John Ryan Santos + Partners will be competing at the World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam scheduled this December, along with the Ateneo de Cebu Chapel design by world-renowned Kenneth Cobonpue that is competing in the Religion category.

“We are excited not just to represent our country in this prestigious competition, but, more importantly, to contribute something that will bring real benefits to the way hospitals are built and how healthcare is delivered most especially in the countryside,” says Sagip-Kanlungan architect, John Ryan Santos of the firm John Ryan Santos+Partners in a release received by Good News Pilipinas.

“I really wasn’t thinking of winning awards for our work when my team and I started designing it. All we wanted to do was to come up with a hospital design that allows hospitals to be easily and economically built in rural areas so that residents will have access to a fully capable healthcare facility within their municipality,” Architect Santos adds.

Sagip-Kanlungan promises to provide world-class healthcare to the communities it will serve. It is designed to be disaster-resilient particularly against typhoons which regularly hit the Philippines.

Among the Sagip-Kanlungan design features are:

  1. 40-bed low-rise facility
  2. a SHELTER MODE that shields all windows and vulnerable openings with metal shutters
  3. redundant backup power systems
  4. various open spaces within the site to accommodate tent housing for evacuated residents

Potential project proponents will also find it more reasonable to fund and build Sagip-Kanlungan type of facilities, as proven by the success of the first test model in Cagayan that was opened in 2017.

“It makes more sense for potential project proponents to build more of these smaller hospitals rather than a big one because more hospitals in more communities only means easier access to quality medical services to a greater number of people,” Santos reasons.

The Philippine entry is competing against future healthcare entries from Providence, USA; Stolkovo, Moscow; Bandar Abbas, Iran; Bangkok, Thailand; Moscow, Russia; and Nuuk, Greenland in the World Architecture Festival slated for December 4-6, 2019.

More Filipino architectural designs have won recent world acclaim such as Mactan Cebu International Airport and Rizal Eco Center.

SEND well wishes to Sagip-Kanlungan designers, finalists at the World Architecture Festival!

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