Coronavirus Immunity-boosting drinks from local ingredients developed in Davao

The ready-to-drink natural immunity-boosting beverages produced by Food Processing Innovation Center – Davao (FPIC-Davao) as a health drink for COVID-19 frontliners. Photo from DOST Region XI.

Coronavirus Immunity boosting drinks made from local ingredients have been developed by the Department of Science and Technology Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (DOST-SETUP) partner in Davao as health drinks for COVID-19 frontliners.

The Ready-to-Drink beverages produced by Food Processing Innovation Center – Davao (FPIC-Davao) are made from locally sourced raw materials that contain vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients to help boost the immunity system and to ensure people stay healthy to fight off any infection and stay hydrated.

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The alternative drinks for frontliners are made of citrus fruit juices, extracts of leafy vegetables, edible flowers, herbs, and spices to create refreshing and immunity-boosting drinks.

FPIC-Davao has already produced and delivered a total of 310 bottles of juices to health workers deployed in Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC).

Forty ready-to-drink beverages were also given to DOST XI scholars who were stranded in Davao City due to the ECQ.

The beverage comes in four variants:

  • Purple Sweet Potato Leaves-Calamansi
  • Blue Ternate-Calamansi
  • Calamansi-Ginger
  • Turmeric-Ginger-Calamansi
These ready-to-drink bottles of immunity-boosters from local ingredients have been distributed to frontliners. Photo from DOST Region XI.

Purple sweet potato leaves and blue ternate flowers contain a bioactive compound called anthocyanin that protects against cell damage caused by free radicals and makes the beverage appealing in color.

Sweet potato is rich in beta carotene which converts to Vitamin A, a vital nutrient for a strong immune system.

Purple sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients that are great for your health. Purple sweet potato contains antioxidants that are good for your heart, digestion, cognitive function, liver health, and are also good for diabetes.

Citrus fruits like the calamansi are excellent sources of Vitamin C which tops the list of immune boosters and has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Calamansi prevents Diabetes, are rich in Vitamin A and C, boosts immunity, and controls the cholesterol level.

Ginger and turmeric contain compounds that have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Ginger reduces muscle pain and soreness, lowers blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, can treat nausea, and improves chronic indigestion.

Turmeric is used as a dietary supplement for inflammation; arthritis; stomach, skin, liver, and gallbladder problems; cancer; and other conditions such as breathing problems, rheumatism, serious pain, and fatigue.

FPIC will also produce vacuum-fried squash chips to be distributed along with the beverages.

The project is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology XI (DOST XI) and the FPIC Davao in partnership with the faculty members of the Tertiary Education Department of the Philippine Women’s College (PWC), and Metro Ace Innovplas Corporation.

Philippine Women’s College (PWC) donated the raw materials, Metro Ace Innovplas Corporation, donated the bottle containers, and Coffee for Peace donated packs of ground coffee.

At the University of the Philippines – Diliman, food technology students formulated and produced the Lukal ginger-calamansi drink for the frontliners of the Philippine General Hospital and Lung Center of the Philippines. The juice concentrate has met increasing demands from more hospital workers as well as ordinary citizens.

The malunggay, along with other local fruits and vegetables, has been recommended by the Agriculture chief to help fight off infections.

Virgin coconut oil as a treatment for coronavirus disease is also undergoing clinical trials at the UP-PGH and CALABARZON hospitals.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to the DOST SETUP teams behind the new health drinks made from local ingredients given to frontliners to help them fight off coronavirus disease.

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