Pinoy robotics game made available on Steam

The Robot action game “Garrison: Archangel” is “a love letter from the Philippines to Japan’s robot anime”. Photo screengrab from video.

The Pinoy-made robotics action game “Garrison: Archangel” has just been launched on Steam.

“Garrison: Archangel”, a fast-paced, mecha action and customization fighting game developed and published by Pinoy indie game studio, Indigo Entertainment, was fully released on May 15 on Steam, the ultimate destination for playing, discussing, and creating games.

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The game is described by Indigo Entertainment as “A love letter from the Philippines to Japan’s robot anime”. It is designed for epic anime-style one-on-one and multiplayer team battles where players can design, build, and pilot their Archangels.

The game features deep mech customization in which you get to choose from a multitude of weapons, attachments, and mecha frame parts to make the best mech for you.

Garrison: Archangel Game features:

1. Customize your Mechs for different play styles
2. Choose from the set of Mechs
3. Play with up to four friends through the local multiplayer
4. Create mechs, and battle them with the game’s built-in AI system

Filipino game developers have been making their mark in e-sports. Keybol Games and ThinkBIT Games captured the top 2 spots in the 2019 Global Top Round (GTR) Pre-Acceleration program.

Mochibits’ “ – Balls vs Balls” shined as the 1st Filipino-made game featured at Google Play while Flippy Bottle Extreme topped Google Play.

The 1st “Bayani” video game with Filipino national heroes also made a landmark appearance on the Steam platform.

Lyceum University is poised to pioneer the first E-sports college degree in the Philippines.

SEND CONGRATULATIONS in the comments below to Indigo Entertainment for having its Garrison: Archangel Pinoy robot game made available on Steam.

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