For the New Normal, Create a Vision Board that Works!

Vision Board Trixie Esguerra
Positivitrix guides you in the creation of a vision board.

We had high hopes for 2020 — we had our goals and dreams for the year, plans, and projects we wanted to take on, people and places we wanted to see…

But then we were placed under community quarantine, and suddenly no one could go out and pursue whatever it was that they planned for the next couple of months (and possibly for the rest of the year, till we’re all safe and COVID-free).

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Yes, it can be disappointing and frustrating when things don’t go according to plan.

You might even be hesitant to plan anything again because of the uncertain times we’re in.

But we cannot stay stuck and put our dreams on hold just because we’re anxious or scared.

So how do you move forward and start dreaming again?

I’d love to share with you one of the most powerful tools that have never failed me…

Vision Boards!

Click here but only if you believe on something that is backed up by Science and grounded in Faith: LINK

See you inside! I am excited for what you’ll discover about yourself!

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