How to Win over this Pandemic

Positivitrix pandemic tips
Here are 5 more Positivitrix tips and tricks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s COVID-19 everywhere we look.
And it scares us big time.
It gives us anxiety. Uncertainty. And it definitely tests our faith.

What if I tell you that there are many different ways on how we can overcome this crisis? You see, I’m here to pacify you.

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To give you hope. To give you strength. To give you simple yet powerful tips on how we can all fight this together!

Why? Because the coronavirus is spreading quite fast, and without a doubt, the fear virus is spreading twice faster and so I’d love to focus on what we can do, that is in our control, to prevent these viruses from destroying more lives.

Here are 5 TRICKs I made for you to win over this pandemic.

T: Talk to your cells.

It may be weird for some, but really, talk to your cells. This boosts your immune system.

Say something to your body like “You are healthy.” “You are perfectly fine.”
“You are functioning perfectly.”

If you are careful in talking to other people because you don’t want to offend them or hurt their feelings, all the more you want to be mindful when you talk to you.

Remember, what you say to yourself, or to your body, you become.

Of course, take some vitamins, too, to support what we are trying to do here.

R: Recite 5 things you are thankful for.

Better yet, start keeping a journal. Aside from reciting, write down 5 items you are grateful for, every day.

It is as simple as “Thank you Lord that my family is healthy!” or “Thank God that I can breathe very well.” Or “Thank You, Creator, for the client who bought from me today.”

You see, as the saying goes, When we focus on what’s good, the good gets better.

This is looking at the blessings we have that come to us normal parts of our daily grind. These days, these things are luxury to others.

For some, our simple blessings remain to be just a dream for them.

This is refocusing our attention, shifting our mindset and strengthening our positive collective energy.

I: Identify the lesson for every trigger you experience.

When we get stressed by someone, when we feel threatened by a situation, when we get hurt over something, that is because we got triggered by a thing of our past.

Take this time during ECQ to examine your thoughts, feelings and values. Dig deeper as to why things affect you the way they do. More often than not, we are quick to notice on other people what we don’t like in ourselves. Think of this as a wake up call. As a reminder that it’s never too late to change for the better.

C: Create a powerful vision board.

Steve Harvey said, “If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.” A vision board is a board where you literally put your visions into.

I cannot stress enough how my vision board paved the way for me to achieve the biggest dreams of my life. From having that Wrap It Up! franchise business to scoring a free Safari trip in Africa, to guesting on different TV shows, to landing a news anchor job in Good News Pilipinas TV, to finally meeting the love of my life in 2019, I think I’ve been working on my Vision Board really well and as much as I can keep on giving you tips and tricks how to make one that works, I’d say, the best advice is: Keep your vibes high. (More on this on my IG and FB posts!)

And lastly,

K: Know that life is happening FOR you, and not to you.

This is a belief that instantly changes my mood and shifts my mind whenever I lose my center.

This simply means that the Universe is always on your side.

Believe me or not, that’s just how it is.

God loves you so so so much that everything that is going on around you is designed to give you a beautiful life.

Sure, terrible things happen. We get hurt. This pandemic has been really tough and depressing for most of us. But please, take a chance into believing that God knows what’s best. At the end of the day, believe that everything is working in your favor.

May these 5 TRICKS help you get through these difficult times. Pick at least one and start applying it to your daily grind. You’ll make yourself proud.

P.S. To learn more how to create a powerful vision board as we transition into the new normal, email me at for my upcoming Online Workshop by the end of May!

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