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OFW caregiver rewarded with Michael Buble grandfather’s house to fulfill dying wish

OFW Caregiver Michael Buble
OFW caregiver Minette was rewarded with Michael Bublé’s grandfather’s renovated house. Image courtesy of HGTV.

Michael Bublé has given his grandfather’s newly renovated house to an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) to fulfill a dying wish.

The world-renowned Canadian singer-songwriter revealed on the HGTV series “Celebrity I.O.U.” that documented the turnover, that his grandfather Demetrio’s final wish to give his caregiver Minette a house she could call her own so she does not have to pay rent.

Michael shared that even as his grandfather was his own best friend and hero. Minette became his grandfather’s best friend. “She became family almost instantly,” Bublé said.

Filipina caregiver Minette, a former health worker, served Bublé’s grandparents for 8 years and the singer noted how she sent all her earnings back to the Philippines.

“Minette doesn’t keep any of the money that she makes. She’s got a lot of family in the Philippines and she takes that money and she sends it all back. She is really a special and beautiful woman. My grandpa would be so happy. This was a dream,” Buble said.

The Grammy winner whose works include the iconic “Home” had once said that the Philippines “is the first place I had success. This is the first place that I was famous. You guys pretty much discovered me. You were the first people”.

Michael sought the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott to transform the house’s 1970s interiors to a modern-day interior design while Minette was visiting her family in the Philippines.

Upon her return, the team told Minette they will visit the house for a documentary shoot.

Minette broke into tears when Bublé revealed to her that the house was renovated for her.

“My grandfather’s greatest wish was not just to keep this house in the family but this will be your home because he loves you so much. There is no documentary. This is all for you,” Bublé said to Minette on the day of the reveal that was documented on HGTV’s Celebrity IOU Episode 4 released on May 4, 2020.

“I hope that she loves it as much as I do, cause when I walked in I was absolutely blown away. I can only imagine what it’s gonna mean to her,” Bublé said during the interview.

“She meant so much for the family. That this is something the family wanted for her,” Bublé added.

Minette was visibly awed as she was given a tour of the renovated house.

“Grandpa, thank you so much. I got my early Christmas,” Minette said.

She added that she had a dream of Michael’s grandpa, smiling.

“I am just feeling overwhelmed over everything because I am not expecting this,” said Minette.

Celebrity IOU is a new blockbuster HGTV series where Hollywood A-listers express their deep gratitude to the individuals who have had a major impact on their lives by surprising them with big, heartwarming home renovations.

Overseas Filipino Workers have continued to make their mark in the world with their work ethic and passion. Among them is UAE-based nurse-triathlete Romeo “Oreo” Puncia who was awarded for his services as an EMT-nurse and who ran and biked indoors over a total distance of 731.63km over 45 hours in a span of 19 days to raise funds for COVID-19 response efforts.

OFW nurses in Saudi were also given tributes in two videos of “The Saudi Pinoy” vlogger Ahmed Alruwaili who saluted the frontliners of the global health crisis.

SEND CHEERS to Michael Bublé for rewarding OFW Minette for her service to his grandparents, and to Minette for exemplifying Filipino service and care.

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