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From Harvard’s First Filipino Instructor to the Aristocrat’s Global Recognition: Celebrating 2023’s Top 10 Good Balita Stories of Filipino Pride!

As we reflect on the year 2023, it’s heartening to see stories of triumph and positivity emerge from the Philippines, a nation known for its resilient spirit. has been at the forefront of bringing these inspiring tales to light, showcasing the best of Filipinos worldwide. This list feature delves into the top ten entries from our “2023 Year in Review: 100 Inspiring Stories of Filipino Pride,” highlighting achievements that have not only uplifted individuals but also inspired communities worldwide.

In a world where headlines often skew towards the negative, the Good Balita section serves as a beacon of hope. These curated stories span a wide range of fields, from academia to culinary arts, all united by the theme of Filipino excellence. Join us as we celebrate these milestones that have shined a spotlight on the Philippines and its people’s contributions to the global tapestry.

The Top 10 Good Balita of 2023:

  1. Cavite State University’s Lady Aileen Orsal as Harvard’s First Filipino Language Instructor
    • “Cavite State University’s Lady Aileen Orsal Makes History as Harvard’s First-ever Instructor for Filipino Language Course”
      Breaking new academic ground, Lady Aileen Orsal of Cavite State University joins Harvard as the first-ever instructor for its Filipino language course. Her pioneering role signifies the increasing global recognition of the Filipino language and its cultural significance, establishing an important academic bridge between the Philippines and the international community.
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  2. Harvard’s Inaugural Filipino Language Course
    • “Harvard is Hiring a Filipino Language Teacher for the First Time”
      For the first time in its storied history, Harvard University is expanding its language program to include Filipino, appointing a dedicated teacher to bring the richness of the Philippine language to its diverse student body. This historic hiring underscores the Filipino language’s growing influence and the value of cultural diversity in academia.
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  3. Pasig City’s Comprehensive Student Support Program
    • Pasig City Empowers Students with Travel Allowances, Free School Supplies, and Food Packs
      Pasig City sets a commendable example in student welfare by offering travel allowances, free school supplies, and food packs. This initiative ensures that students have the essential tools and support they need to succeed, demonstrating the city’s investment in the education and well-being of its youth.
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  4. Erwan Heussaff’s James Beard Media Award Triumph
    • “Culinary Triumph: Filipino Celebrity Chef Erwan Heussaff Wins James Beard Media Award for Promoting Filipino Cuisine”
      Filipino culinary arts beam on the world stage as celebrity Chef Erwan Heussaff secures the prestigious James Beard Media Award. His dedication to promoting Filipino cuisine showcases the gastronomic delights of the Philippines, bringing its unique flavors to international palates.
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  5. Dalbong, the Filipino Corgi’s International Win
    • “Dalbong’s Triumph: The First Filipino Corgi to Conquer the World Dog Show”
      Dalbong, a lovable Filipino Corgi, has etched his name in history by being the first of his kind from the Philippines to be recognized at the World Dog Show. His achievement not only highlights the breed’s charm but also the Philippines’ passion for canine excellence on a global scale.
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  6. Asong Gubat Named the Philippines’ National Dog
    • “Asong Gubat Endorsed as Philippines’ Official National Dog Breed”
      The Asong Gubat, with its noble stature and loyal temperament, is now celebrated as the official national dog breed of the Philippines. This endorsement not only acknowledges the breed’s unique attributes but also elevates its status as an integral part of the country’s rich biodiversity and cultural tapestry.
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  7. Eddie Garcia Bill’s Impact on Industry Safety
    • “Inside the Groundbreaking Eddie Garcia Bill: How Iza Calzado and Dolly de Leon Are Championing Safety in the Philippine Entertainment Industry”
      The Eddie Garcia Bill stands as a landmark in the Philippine entertainment industry, championed fervently by Iza Calzado and Dolly de Leon. This legislative push is instrumental in enhancing the safety protocols and welfare of industry professionals, paving the way for a safer and more responsible creative environment.
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  8. The Pasig River’s Transformation
    • “Pasig River Cleanup Breakthrough: 1.3 Million Tons of Waste Removed to Ease Pollution and Flooding”
      In a significant environmental victory, the Pasig River cleanup initiative has successfully extracted 1.3 million tons of waste. This feat not only revitalizes a vital waterway but also represents a major step towards sustainable living and underscores the community’s resilience in combating pollution and flooding.
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  9. The Philippine Jeepney’s Enduring Legacy
    • “LIST: Traditional Philippine Jeepney as Historic, Cultural, and Economic Icon”
      The Philippine Jeepney is not just a vehicle but a rolling emblem of Filipino culture, history, and economy. Its recognition as a cultural and economic icon celebrates the Jeepney’s enduring legacy and its role in the daily lives of Filipinos, reflecting the nation’s creativity and communal spirit.
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  10. The Aristocrat Restaurant’s Global Acclaim
    • “The Aristocrat Restaurant: A Culinary Gem in the Philippines Named Among World’s Most Legendary Restaurants”
      The Aristocrat Restaurant, a culinary cornerstone in the Philippines, has been lauded as one of the world’s most legendary dining establishments. This accolade is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence and its role in sharing the authentic flavors and hospitality of Filipino culture with the world.
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As these stories of innovation, determination, and cultural pride illustrate, the Filipino spirit is alive and well, making an impact across various sectors. We invite you to watch the video that brings these stories to life, offering a glimpse into the achievements that have painted the year 2023 with strokes of inspiration.

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