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Dalbong’s Triumph: The First Filipino Corgi to Conquer the World Dog Show

Dalbong's Triumph World Dog Show
A four-year-old male Pembroke Welsh Corgi named “Dalbong”, is the first dog in the Philippines to take home the title “World Winner” at the 2023 World Dog Show in Geneve, Switzerland. Photo courtesy of Wency Villanueva Corgis FB.

In a world captivated by Filipino excellence in singing, dancing, and the arts, it’s high time we shine a light on a different kind of star. Meet Dalbong—the four-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who recently swept the 2023 World Dog Show in Geneva, Switzerland, off its paws. With his little legs but an enormous spirit, Dalbong becomes the first-ever dog from the Philippines to be crowned “World Winner” and “Best of Breed”.

Wency Villanueva, the proud human behind this awe-inspiring canine, couldn’t contain his joy. As the president of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Association of the Philippines (PWCAP), he gleamed with a unique blend of Filipino pride and happiness, watching Dalbong outshine 131 other corgis, 1,592 herding dogs, and 55 winners from various herding breeds in the prestigious dog competition held in Geneva, Switzerland, from Aug. 24 to 27.

In a Facebook post, Villanueva exclaimed, “To all my friends from the Philippines and to all the people who are always there to cheer and support us, thank you! This win is not just for us, but for all my fellow exhibitors who dream of becoming world champions one day.”

Journey Through Triumphs and Tenderness

Dalbong is no stranger to the world of dog competitions. He has been performing and showing his skills and talent on stage to hundreds of audiences since he was six months old. Dalbong has a trophy shelf that would make anyone envious.

This corgi named after Park Hyungsik’s character in the K-drama “What Happens to My Family” has been taking home victories, including winning “Best in Show” at Impact Thailand Dog Show 2013, conquering the Vietnam Dog Show 2022, and earning the “Top Dog” 2021 title at the Mera Philippines.

Aside from his most recent awards, Dalbong has also been recognized as the No. 1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the Philippines by the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. But trophies aside, what’s even more heartwarming is Dalbong’s bond with other fur parents and his inspirational impact on their lives.

However, it is not only the victories and achievements of Villanueva and his fur baby that matter the most. Also, the triumph and connection with other fur parents, too, by leaving a message to other pet parents to believe in their fur babies.

Villanueva shares an evocative message, “Never lose faith in yourself and always believe in your dog. If you think your dog has what it takes, keep pushing forward! Never give up and love your passion until you achieve success.”

More Than Just a ‘Bantay’: Raising the Flag and Hearts

Dalbong is more than just a pet; he is a testament to the love, dedication, and sheer will of Filipinos to shine on a global stage. He is proof that dogs—regardless of their breed—are worthy of all the love and quality care in the world. For Villanueva, Dalbong is more than a ‘bantay’ (guard). He is his son, a world winner, a Philippine flag-waver, and above all, family.

“We are so happy to wave the flag of the Philippines in world-class conformation, full of dedication and love for our passion. We made it!” announced Villanueva.

In a world often mired by negative headlines, let Dalbong’s story serve as an invigorating palate cleanser—a testament to the kind of international triumphs that can be achieved through love, faith, and a sprinkle of Filipino magic. So the next time you see a Corgi prancing along the streets of Manila or anywhere else in the Philippines, remember Dalbong, the little furball who could—and did—conquer the world.

In 2021, the Philippines’ beloved dog hero Kabang was given a memorial marker in Zamboanga City, the first such tribute in the country. Earlier this year, the Philippine Asong Gubat (Philippine Forest Dog) was introduced and showcased in the Philippine Circuit as the proposed official National Dog Breed of the Philippines.

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