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Disney’s video tutorial shows fans how to make Filipino Parol star lanterns

Disney's Filipino Parol lanterns
“Learn how to give your home a magical makeover this festive season with Lola’s enchanting star lanterns!” Screengrab from Disney tutorial.

Disney’s new video tutorial is teaching fans around the globe how to create festive Filipino Parol lanterns inspired by the ones “Lola” and her grandchild made for Christmas day.

The “Make Your Own Parols” video was released by Disney on November 14, 2020, a follow up on a previously released tear-jerker animated short which portrays a Lola (Filipino grandmother) and her grandchild making the Filipino ornamental lanterns every year to mark the holidays.

The viral Disney Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) advert released ahead of the parol-making tutorial had Filipino netizens waxing nostalgic for the Pinoy Christmas, which is known as the longest celebration of the holiday in the world and begins in September.

The “From Our Family To Yours” short pays homage to Pinoy Christmas traditions with the theme of family togetherness in the holiday season and shows the grown-up granddaughter making time for her grandmother despite her busy schedule.

On Christmas morning, Lola wakes up to a surprise and finds her living room decorated with parol star lanterns made by her granddaughter. The emotional montage is underscored by the parol or a star-shaped paper lantern which is a symbol of the Filipino Christmas spirit and the lively, colorful holiday celebrations unique to the Philippines.

“Give your home a magical makeover with these enchanting parols, inspired by our Christmas ad! We’d love to see your creations!” wrote Disney.

Here’s how to Make Your Own Parols:


  • 10 Pllieay (bamboo) sticks
  • 10 rubber bands
  • 5 dowels
  • String
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate
  • Colored paper
  • Cool glue gun


  1. Tie two sticks together with a rubber band. Repeat this step two more times.
  2. Connect the ends to create a star shape.
  3. Weave a stick to create the top of the star and connect.
  4. Using a cool glue gun, secure where the sticks meet. Repeat for all five intersections.
  5. Create two stars.
  6. Glue dowels onto the intersections of one star. Glue the top of the dowels and attach the remaining star.
  7. Tie all points.
  8. Using a glue stick, glue around the middle section. Add your paper and trim with scissors. Repeat these steps on the other side, leaving a hole in the middle. Don’t forget the sides!
  9. Next, scrunch up small squares of colored paper and stick to all points using a cool glue gun.
  10. Add a battery-powered light.

WATCH How To “Make Your Own Parols” in the Disney video tutorial and SHARE with us in the comments below about your favorite Filipino Christmas tradition!

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