WATCH: Disney animated short pays homage to Filipino Christmas traditions

Disney Filipino Christmas eve traditions
Mickey Mouse becomes a symbol for family and tradition encompassing generations in the Filipino-themed Christmas advert. Screengrab from Disney video.

Disney’s new short animation pays homage to Filipino Christmas traditions and characters set in a fictionalized Philippines on Christmas eve.

“From Our Family To Yours” released by Disney on November 9, 2020, tells the touching tale of a special bond between a Filipino child and her grandmother.

The animated advertisement’s opening scene shows streets in the 1940s decorated with Parol lanterns and a child receiving a holiday gift in the form of the iconic Mickey Mouse plush toy.

The tearjerker video shows the traditions that have kept a close grandparent-grandchild relationship connected throughout the years with a stuffed Mickey Mouse toy that was first given to “Lola” by her father at the start of the film.

“With each passing year, Mickey comes to symbolize Lola’s childhood and a present-day connection to her granddaughter, ultimately inspiring a festive surprise on Christmas morning,” Disney Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) explained.

“From our family to yours, watch this all-new Disney festive story. Because you never forget your favourite traditions,” Disney added.

The three-minute short film was released ahead of Christmas to mark the 40-year anniversary celebrating the ties between Disney and Make-A-Wish. Disney fans in participating countries will be able to purchase the vintage Mickey Mouse toy featured in the film advertisement benefitting the charity organization.

The story is accompanied by “Love Is A Compass” by Ivor Novello Rising Star nominee Griff which serves as the official soundtrack for the campaign. All of the proceeds generated from the sale and download of the charity track will be donated to Make-A-Wish.

The Filipino Christmas celebration is considered the longest in the world and begins in September.

Disney-Pixar earlier released the animated film Float directed by Bobby Rubio with Filipino-American characters while the trailer for the upcoming Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon shows Pinoy elements.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to the Disney team for paying homage to Filipino Christmas and WATCH the “From Our Family To Yours” short film below!

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