E-Magsasaka online portal offers buyers mass produce straight from farmers

E-Magsasaka Online Portal
E-Magsasaka aims to increase the income of farmers while reducing the cost for the business and the consumers. Credits to e-Magsasaka.

A new online portal called e-Magsasaka is offering buyers fruits and vegetables direct from farmers’ harvests.

The new website shortens the mass produce supply chain by directly connecting farm mass producers and buyers.

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The e-Magsasaka team led by Gorby Dimalanta, Aaron David, and EJ Tamayao says it aims to increase the income of farmers while reducing the cost for the business and the consumers. The online portal pilot project won the championship of the Asian Institute of Management ( AIM ) at East-West Seed’s Innovation Olympics held in 2018.

“Our team envisions a sustainable agriculture sector where Filipino smallholder farmers are empowered through their direct involvement in the value chain of businesses. Using technology, we aim for our farmers to be more educated of current and potential market conditions and in turn, enabling them to become better farmer-entrepreneurs,” says the e-Magsasaka website.

How e-Magsasaka works:

  1. Farmer logs in to their account, updates inventory and sets the price
  2. Institutional buyers order from the platform
  3. e-Magsasaka coordinates with farmers
  4. Harvest sent to cooperatives
  5. Cooperatives conducts Quality Assurance and Packing of produce
  6. e-Magsasaka picks up and sorts the produce
  7. e-Magsasaka delivers to institutional buyers

E-Magsasaka has announced they are on the testing stage of the offline prototype and is gathering insights for the development of the platform.

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SEND congratulations to our innovative Filipino entrepreneurs helping farmers make better profits off their harvests!

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