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Mikey Bustos’ new YouTube anniversary video showcases Filipino pride

Mikey Bustos Youtube Anniversary
Mikey Bustos Videos on YouTube has hit the 1 Million subscribers mark. Credits to Mikey Bustos.

Mikey Bustos’ new video marking the 9th anniversary of his being a YouTuber celebrates the internet sensation’s pride in being Filipino.

The Filipino-Canadian celebrity YouTuber released the video on social media on July 31 while announcing his Mikey Bustos Videos channel of Filipino comedy skits and parodies hitting 1 Million subscribers.

In the new video, Mikey tells the story of his journey of being a YouTuber through anecdotes of his attempts at showbusiness stardom in the Philippines. Mikey sings about preparing diligently for the Philippines and studying the Filipino language. He tells about painfully realizing his being bald and not-the-usual-handsome-face are limiting his chances of being a star and will actually relegate him to comedic roles. He then recalls being asked to whiten his skin and fix his nose so he would look more Spanish – he refused the procedures and instead declared embracing his being Filipino.

Bustos, born to Filipino parents who immigrated to Canada, declared pride in having moreno skin and turned away from local showbusiness. He then decided to turn to YouTube and create his own show.

The rest, as the saying goes, is YouTube history.

The Filipino Pride Advocate again went on social media on August 1 to give fuller details of the journey towards 1 Million subscribers for the first YouTube channel where his experienced going viral in 2011. Mikey says the parody video channel was the slowest to rise in subscribers among all his channels.

“But like a child that achieved success in tiny, baby steps, I never gave up hope on it, and I continued to pump out viral music video after viral music video, despite a changing internet world of challenges/drama vlogs dominating the Youtube space, until finally hitting the big 1M,” revealed Mikey in the Facebook post.

Mikey even pledged to release videos for kids to enjoy. “I promise to always pump out that quality content you guys love – stuff that hopefully your kids’, kids’, kids’ can enjoy and relate to.”

Mikey Bustos, named one of the 5 Inspiring YouTubers in the Philippines, also had a message for those who want to achieve the same success online.

“To all aspiring content creators out there, don’t give up, and don’t fall into the trap of trying to be an influencer simply by playing the popularity game. Be an influencer for a greater reason, for an inspiring mindset/philosophy, an exceptional untouchable talent/skillset, or for the knowledge that you possess. This will be your key to longevity in the world of social media, but more importantly your chance to change the world. Remember: popularity lasts 5 mins, 10 if you’re good at clickbait. Don’t aim to be a fad, aim to be iconic.”

WATCH Mikey Bustos’ Cold Water parody here and SEND him cheers in the comments below!


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