Ejay Falcon, Lauren Young cameo in new hit K-Drama Where Stars Land (Fox Bride Star)

Filipino actors Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young appeared in cameo roles in the new hit Korean Drama, “Where Stars Land (Fox Bride Star).”

Falcon, an ABSCBN talent, essayed the role of Filipino overseas Filipino worker Ian while GMA artist Young played his pregnant wife Mari.

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The airport scene showed Falcon’s character desperately wanting to get into South Korea to see his wife who was due to give birth but was refused entry. The scene turns emotional as the husband tells his wife who was giving birth that he could not see his child.

Fox Bride Star, released internationally as Where Stars Land by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), features popular Korean actors Lee Je-hoon (Tomorrow With You, Signal) and Chae Soo-bin (I’m Not a Robot, Strongest Deliveryman) in a romance drama which revolves around the two lead characters who work in Incheon International Airport. The series began in October and has since drawn international viewers.

Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young appear in Episode 7 of Fox Bride Star also known as Where Stars Land.


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