Filipino designer’s jeepney campervan spotted by world’s 1st online design mag

Filipino designer’s jeepney camperva
Michael Go’s creative jeepney campervan in Balai Tanay. Photo Credits from Michael Go

Filipino designer Michael Go’s converted jeepney campervan was spotted by Designboom and landed on the pages of the world’s first online design and architecture magazine for having “breathed new life into old jeepney”.

The innovative Pinoy creator of Advent Design earned the attention of the international magazine with bases in Milan, Beijing, and New York, for converting the Philippines’ iconic jeepney into a two-story campervan tiny house.

Go’s work was praised for being a low-cost housing solution in the website feature published on August 16, 2022. It also referred to the jeepney’s uncertain future given the country’s strategy to replace the old iconic-looking transportation with newer eco-friendly vehicle models.

Designboom writer and editor Myrto Katsikopoulou referred to the Philippines’ post-war converted military jeep as the most common public transportation.

Designboom delved into Michael Go’s work on transforming the jeepney into a comfortable stylish home. The writer revealed how Go had bought the barely operating jeepney from a junkyard, removed the mechanical parts, and then repainted the rusted body with water green paint.

The Filipino designer adorned the campervan home with bamboo, a prominent plant growing in the Philippines. Everything from the flooring and the walls to the gabled roof and the ceiling was made from bamboo. From the exterior, it looked like a modern nipa hut on top of a vibrant-colored jeepney – a sincere homage to the Filipino roots, indeed.

Michael Go’s creation has been turned into a jeepney campervan home for rent via Airbnb. Go built the tiny house in Balai Tanay, a lodging located amidst the rainforests of the Sierra Madre mountains in Rizal province. For only PHP5,500 pesos, visitors can enjoy the campervan life, a fire pit, and a swimming pool, all to themselves.

Designboom magazine commended the Filipino designer for a jeepney conversion that “creatively integrated all the amenities of a home” while serving as an example of low-cost housing.

Truly, when a Filipino innovates, he takes on his heritage and culture to world recognition.

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