Filipino highschooler Maxine Kirsten Magtoto podcast honored by New York Times

Maxine Kirsten Magtoto
Maxine Magtoto’s “The Influencer Tango” was named a favorite from among over 1,300 entries submitted to the New York Times contest.

Filipino high schooler Maxine Kirsten Magtoto has been recognized in the New York Times’ Student Podcast Contest for her Modern Divergence opinions segment.

The Student Podcast Contest calls for mini-podcasts from teens around the world that focus on their thoughts and what goes on in teenagers’ minds.

From over 1,300+ entries, Magtoto’s podcast has been recognized with an Honorable Mention as a Finalist on June 25, 2020.

Magtoto’s “The Influencer Tango: You, Me, and a Whole Lotta Tea” is a 5-minute discussion on influencer culture, its history, and the negative effects of it. Above a backdrop of aesthetic music, thoughts about body dysmorphia are discussed by Manila-based Magtoto, along with her two companions from Sydney and Texas.

The topical segment is a small sample of a MoDiv Talk, which is Modern Divergence’s podcast series. There, teens from 21 different countries record episodes together to discuss modern issues and matters from the lens of the informed youth.

The Brent International School of Manila senior student shared with about her work’s mission.

“As a Filipino, my identity has been critical in informing my actions: our countrymen’s stride for excellence never ceases to inspire me, but I fear that this leaves some people behind.

“Neurodivergence is far from new, referring to those on the autism spectrum, people struggling with incapacitating mental illness, and those with unconventional learning needs,” Magtoto says.

A minority-led organization, MoDiv’s aim is to destigmatize and advocate for neurodivergence and mental health by being a platform for media like submitted articles, podcasts, and webinars; and to reaching out to teens in hospitals or mental institutions.

Magtoto utilizes the platform MoDiv by creating podcasts and articles, and she describes herself eager “to learn, connect, and engage with the unheard” while “[giving] a voice to those who most need it.”

Caring for one’s mental health has been picking up in recent years, and it’s now part of medical health support for Filipino workers.

In this draining era of distress, TV host Jannelle So will be holding a Facebook Webinar concerning mental health and lifestyle tips in this “new normal.”

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