Good News Pilipinas asks award-winning radio broadcaster Noel Ferrer, Agot Isidro, Pia Hontiveros about Filipino Pride on All Kaps! Radyo Katipunan

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When award-winning radio broadcaster Noel Ferrer aired the pilot episode of his new “All Kaps: Oh Well, It’s Noel Ferrer” on Radyo Katipunan 87.9 FM – the veteran broadcaster asked his celebrity guests Agot Isidro and Pia Hontiveros a question from Good News Pilipinas.

Ferrer, an Ateneo de Manila University alumnus, went on air on the university radio station on March 22 with singer-actress Agot Isidro and CNN broadcast journalist Pia Hontiveros for the first airing of his new radio show.

Noel Ferrer, coming off fresh from receiving his Best Male Entertainment Radio Broadcaster Award as host of “Showbiz Saturdate with Noel Ferrer & Co.” on Radyo Inquirer given by the Guild of Educators, Mentors, and Students (GEMS) “Hiyas ng Sining” Award on March 21, asked his guests – “What makes you proud to be Filipino?”

After a discussing events in the Philippines that happened the past week the radio host asked Hontiveros, “With all that is happening in the Philippines what is there to be proud of as a people?

CNN Philippines Chief Anchor & Correspondent Pia Hontiveros responded:

“That we’ve come this far. Our country is still here. There are many who still do what they need to do.

For example, I’m a journalist. My job is to report the facts, to write stories, to report stories, what happened. And for as long as I do my job well, then that is going to contribute (to the spheres of influence).”

Isidro, an outspoken artist known for her activism, said, “Sinimulan ko na yung laban… I am not fighting for myself, (but) for everyone.”

Hontiveros added, “Your source of national pride should come from your own contribution… Being nationalistic means being good at what you do.”

Asked by Ferrer what she looked forward to as a journalist, the CNN anchor recalled speaking to a group of high school students at De La Salle University and being asked whether she would you still recommend people going into journalism. “I said, yes! … I really want young people to come into the profession…. For the younger people in the industry I feel a responsibility to mentor them.”

Ferrer added that the young should be inspired by what Hontiveros and Isidro are doing.

“For those who want to be journalists, please join us. Don’t give up and stay the course,” was the message from Pia Hontiveros as the show wrapped up.

“The May elections is important. Show up in the polls and please vote wisely in the elections, and engage people in conversations,” said Isidro.

Ferrer added, “Talk and then discern afterwards. We should all stay relevant. Live life in ALL KAPS – dapat masaya lang.”

All Kaps! Oh Well, It’s Noel Ferrer airs on Radyo Katipunan 89.7 FM on air on on FB live Fridays, 3-5pm.

Check out the ALL KAPS Oh Well, It’s Noel Ferrer pilot episode here

With reports from Angie Quadra-Balibay and Marclee Agustin

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