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Greed versus Contentment

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Cypher Learning
Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

Is it a bad thing to dream of having lots of money?

Is it a bad thing to dream of owning a beautiful house or car?

Is it a bad thing to dream of eating better choices of food everyday?

I don’t think there is something wrong with these kinds of dreams.

However, there are instances when simple dreams can be TAINTED with greed.

Anything in excess becomes a bad thing.

If you excessively…

…eat chocolates and candies, you get diabetes.

…eat, you become obese.

…play games, you don’t finish your tasks.

…spend, you will run out of money and may even end up in debt.

I know that it all begins with good motives, then you want more, and still more until finally your

true colors come out.

I believe that money CAN’T change a person, but it sure can reveal a person’s character.

It may be difficult to NOTICE that you are GREEDY because greed can be deceiving.


One sign is when…


You say, “I just need to earn a thousand per day, then I’ll be fine.”

But when you do earn one thousand pesos per day, you say, “It isn’t enough. If I can earn two thousand, then I will be okay.”

Your MINDSET is that, “It will only be enough when I have MORE than what I have TODAY.”

And when you do get that “more” that you wished for, it still isn’t enough and you still wish for more, don’t you?

Another sign that you are greedy is when you…


You want to buy another vehicle and want the latest model even if your current one is still in top condition, just because your neighbor got a brand new car.

Your lady friend just got a brand new LV bag, so you want to have one too. In fact you chose the most expensive one even if you still have a dozen more bags stored away in your closet.

If the motive behind buying things is ENVY and not because you really need it, that is being greedy.

Another indication that you are greedy is when you are…


You feel that you don’t have enough money, so you BORROW even if you know it isn’t practical to do so.

You GAMBLE, to fill the void.

Despite the FACT that there is something wrong with what you are doing, your tendency is to JUSTIFY your actions to cover up your MISTAKES.

Greed is not an issue of money; it is an issue of the HEART.

Money is not the root of all kinds of evil; it is the LOVE of money.

Have you ever seen money go to the betting station by itself? Does money jump out of your wallet on its own to buy that really expensive bag? It’s the heart of the person HOLDING the money that DECIDES where it will go.

All you need to do to be free from greed is to be CONTENTED.


By BEING THANKFUL for anything and everything that you now have.

By NOT COMPARING yourself to other people.

By STANDING FIRM in doing what is right despite your financial needs.


Are you contented with what you have in life now, or do you think you are being greedy?

If you think you are greedy, how will you guard your heart to keep you from being more greedy?

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