Homegrown Serg’s Chocolates makes a Pinoy comeback

Serg's Chocolates
Serg’s Chocolates are returning to the Philippine market soon. Credits to Serg’s Chocolates.

Yes! Serg’s Chocolate is making a comeback. The iconic Filipino Chocolate bar that we loved in our childhood days is returning to store shelves. It’s fantastic news especially for people fortunate enough to be around when Serg’s was the undisputed king of Filipino chocolate bars.

The thought of eating Serg’s Chocolate Bars again just brings back wonderful and nostalgic memories. The taste of their chocolate goes hand in hand with good memories as part of our younger days when there wasn’t much care in the world and life was simple.

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Established by businessman Antonio Goquiolay in 1954 “in response to expensive, albeit easily melting foreign brands such as Hershey’s”, Serg’s Chocolates was literally homegrown – the recipe having been created by the owner right in his own kitchen with ingredients and a mix that fit the climate of the Philippines.

As the owners are slowly rebuilding their business piece by piece, progress has been made as their compact chocolate factory in their old ancestral home in Quezon City is almost complete.

And having found their original chocolate mold – or you can say, having the good fortune that their long lost chocolate mold just dropped right into their lap – is a good sign indeed for Randy Ong who has left his job in the United States to come home and rebuild the brand.

“There will always be a market for anybody, anything, any product… It’s the same thing with Serg’s. There are people who are very nostalgic, very patriotic for local brands,” said Ong in the Inquirer.net report.

There is no doubt they will be able to get the chocolate factory up and running again.

Ong says he is open to investments. For the rest of us, we can only wish them the best, good tidings, and success in re-establishing their business.

Serg’s is expected to roll-out chocolates based on their tried and tested, beloved classic recipes that adhere to the highest standards.

Maybe they would also try to develop new recipes that can capture the taste buds of the younger clientele that will appreciate and get captivated by their chocolate products like older Filipino generations did. We can only imagine a new generation of Serg’s Chocolate lovers who feel the same way we do about the homegrown chocolate brand.

The current environment for the Philippine cacao and chocolate industry in our country is getting brighter with local chocolate makers getting accolades and recognition locally and around the world, among them, Auro Chocolate, Dalareicch Tableya, and Malagos Chocolates.

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