How Can We Overcome Failure

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

Have you ever failed in an exam?

Have you experienced failing in your business?

Have you ever failed in your relationships?

Failure is a part of life.

Just the mere fact that we are trying to avoid failure is proof of this.

We have all experienced failures in life and we will still experience more.

“Chinkee, can’t it be avoided?”

“Yes, but only if you don’t exist anymore!”

We cannot always stop failure from happening, but we can overcome it by learning how to cope with it.


Failure is not the destination, but only a PART OF THE JOURNEY. Knowing this reality will make it easier for you to move forward from any failure you have experienced.

It isn’t the end of the world when you fail. The truth is that in every failure, there is an OPPORTUNITY to learn and improve.

You also need to maintain a POSITIVE OUTLOOK in life so that when failure comes your way, you can easily overcome it.


It is an opportunity to learn, so TAKE ADVANTAGE of the situation. Learn what you can about why you failed and what you can do to improve next time.

Let’s say your girlfriend broke up with you. Talk to her and LISTEN INTENTLY to find out why she made that decision, what your participation was or where you failed in the relationship, rather than just simply bugging her with the WHY?


No matter how good and strong you are, you still NEED OTHER PEOPLE to help. Don’t bear the burden alone. If you do, you will be WEIGHED DOWN by your troubles without even noticing it.  You need other people who can be more objective in assessing your situation. These are also the people who will help you REALIZE the right direction to take.


I’ve read somewhere that, “Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for ONE SECOND without hope.”

If you run out of hope, you will be STUCK right where you are.

You won’t be able to move on from your failure.

John Maxwell said, “When there is hope in the future, there is power in the present; but when there is no hope in the future, there is no power in the present.”

Do not lose hope, whatever your failed experience is, because HOPE is strong enough to pull you back up and overcome failure.


What failure have you recently experienced?
How did you handle your situation?
Do you believe that you can overcome it?

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Chinkee Tan
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