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MEET: Cebuano Wakeboarder Raphael Trinidad, Philippines’ hope for Olympic Gold

It was Filipino wakeboarder prodigy Raphael Trinidad’s first time going into the world stage. But what he didn’t realize then was it would also be the Philippines' first ever medal finish at the 10th...

Gallup International Poll: PH in Top 10 nations expecting more peaceful world

Gallup International says Filipinos are staying positive this 2019, ranking in the top 10 nations expecting a more peaceful world. The Gallup International’s 42nd Annual Global End of Year Survey conducted in October-December 2018 revealed...

9 of every 10 Filipinos welcome year 2019 with hope, says SWS survey

More than 9 out 10 of Filipinos have positive outlook while welcoming the year 2019, according to the Social Weather Station (SWS) survey in the last quarter of 2018 released on December 31. In the...

SWS survey shows record high 96% of Filipinos welcome 2018 with hope

Nearly all Filipinos are welcoming the New Year with hope, instead of fear, based on the latest survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS). The 96% score is considered the highest since the question was...
Chinkee Tan

Are You Already Feeling Hopeless?

Do you feel that it’s already the end of the world?  Do you feel that you are in a dead end?  Have you run out of tears already, and you feel like you have no more tears to cry? 
Chinkee Tan

How Can We Overcome Failure

Have you ever failed in an exam? Have you experienced failing in your business? Have you ever failed in your relationships? Failure is a part of life.

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