14 OPM Singers of Sana Naman, Taumbayan Revealed in Music Video

Philippine industry icons from various genres and eras and political persuasions unite to call the Filipino people to vote wisely these elections. Image credits to GoodNewsPilipinas.com

Fourteen original Pilipino music (OPM) singers aka “TAUMBAYAN,” regardless of political affiliation, age, and music style gave their time, special talents and selves to come together to sing about hope and love for the Philippine Republic.

The 14 individuals and groups answered the call to appeal for love and hope for the Philippines and for Filipinos to vote wisely during the upcoming elections.

The Louie Ocampo and Joey Ayala collaborative song, “Sana Naman, Taumbayan,” was recorded with the leadership of Executive Producers Moy Ortiz of The CompanY and multi-awarded entertainment radio broadcaster, Noel Ferrer.

Good News Pilipinas also answered the call for advocates and produced the Lyric Video released on May 1, 2019. The new Artists Music Video reveals the music industry personalities behind each voice on “Sana Naman, Taumbayan.”

“All it takes is a ripple of empathy to be caught in the undertow of love and healing.” – Moy Ortiz and Noel Ferrer, Executive Producers of Sana Naman, Taumbayan.

Since its release, “Sana Naman, Taumbayan” has been heard on international, national and local radio stations, featured on television reports and interviews, written about in print and online sites.

Good News Pilipinas continues to offer the videos and information about this people’s song to reach all Filipinos from all sides of the fence, and around the world. We offer our fellow media organizations access to information about the song and its production.

“At Sana kahit na sinong manalo pagkatapos ng bilangan, Sana Naman ang Panalo ay… taumbayan.”

READ these excerpts from the interview of Good News Pilipinas with Executive Producers Noel Ferrer and Moy Ortiz about the song and their hopes for a better Philippines for Filipinos.

Radio and television stations, print organizations, online sites, or groups who are interested in playing, performing, or featuring this non-political song of love and hope can e-mail ortiz.moy@gmail.com or message
GoodNewsPilipinas.com social media.

The Executive Producers declare the song has no encumbrances from being played and published by any media or establishment – not from artist contracts and record companies, and not from Filscap or any other publisher.

Here are the lyrics of the song with the artists behind the vocals:

Sana Naman, Taumbayan

Music: Louie Ocampo
Lyrics: Joey Ayala
Recorded by: TAUMBAYAN

Panahon na ng pagpili
Panahon na ng halalan

Madami namang kandidato
Madaming mukha at pangalan

Sino kaya
Ang bagay sa’ting bansa
Di lamang porma’t salita,
Sino o sino kaya

At sana kahit na sino’ng manalo
Pagkatapos ng bilangan
Sana naman ang panalo ay

Sino kayang mananalo
At magiging totoo

Sa pagnanais ng taong
Umunlad sa ‘daling panahon

Sinuman siya
Pagasa kaya ang dala
Sana naman sana siya’y
Tuwid at tapat sa bansa

At sana kahit na sino’ng manalo
Pagkatapos ng bilangan
Sana naman ang panalo ay

MASS APPEAL CHOIR: (with counterpoint)
La la la la la la la ….

MYKE SALOMON (beat boxing)


Sana naman
Isipin ang kapakanan
Ng mga mamamayan
Maging gabay sa lipunan

At sana kahit na sino’ng manalo
Pagkatapos ng bilangan

Sana naman ang panalo ay

Sana naman ang panalo ay

Executive Producers: Noel Ferrer and Moy Ortiz
Video Producer: Angie Quadra-Balibay
Associate Video Producer: Krizzia Nieva
Associate Producer: Cris Ojeda
Vocal Arranger: Moy Ortiz
Recording Engineer: Benjo Casaljay
Mixing Engineer: Paulo Zarate
Recorded and Mixed at Studio Z Recording Studios
With special thanks to Butch Jimenez, Stella Sison

Videos Produced by GoodNewsPilipinas.com

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