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Music legends Gary Granada, Joey Ayala perform together at “historic” QC gig

The 27th of January promised to be a historic night as two pillars of Original Pilipino Music (OPM), Gary Granada and Joey Ayala, were set to perform at My Bro’s Mustache Folk Bar in Scout Tuazon, Quezon City. Before the performances, Gary shared on social media that they had not performed back-to-back since 2002, or 22 years ago. As expected, the small, crowded venue was visibly and audibly abuzz with excitement before the two legendary musicians took the stage.

Bamboo musical instruments showcased in Science & Technology concert

Filipino bamboo musical instruments were showcased by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in a concert during the National Science and Technology Week.
Lyric video Philippine flag

5 Unity Messages for Filipinos from “Sana Naman, Taumbayan”

"Sana Naman, Taumbayan," the unity song advocating honest elections in the Philippines featuring the voices of 14 Filipino artists, has gained support across various media platforms in the Philippines and abroad. Fourteen Pinoy singers collectively...

14 OPM Singers of Sana Naman, Taumbayan Revealed in Music Video

Fourteen original Pilipino music (OPM) singers aka “TAUMBAYAN,” regardless of political affiliation, age, and music style gave their time, special talents and selves to come together to sing about hope and love for the...

Pinoy music artists sing of love and hope for Philippines in “Sana Naman, Taumbayan”...

Fourteen Pinoy singers and groups answered the call to appeal for love and hope for the Philippines during the upcoming elections and the resulting song, "Sana Naman, Taumbayan," captured the plea, and more, as...
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