How Ice Bath Helped My Migraine

Ice Bath Helped Migraine
Positivitrix shares new tips to give you positive energy.

Story Time!

I was working virtually with my team of amazing Public Speaking coaches when migraine hit me!

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It just didn’t look like it was bad because I had my lipstick on and still managed to smile but it was bad. So I had to excuse myself, step up and take care of me.

I did what has been helpful for me for the past few months:

AFK. Black Coffee. Aspirin. Ice Bath. Sleep.

By nighttime, I felt much better.

This is a friendly reminder to you to take good care of yourself, make sure you have reliable people with you who got your back and trust the process of whatever you are going through.

You deserve a beautiful life, don’t you?!

WATCH this video of the ice bath:

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