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A few weeks ago, I had one of those rare conversations with my mama where we did not see eye-to-eye.

I ended up crying a lot after because I was so frustrated with how we misunderstood each other.

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While we have the same values, we had different perceptions that both of us could not set aside and compromise on.

A few hours after, I called to say I am sorry. That was when I got reminded how hard it could be if what’s right for you is wrong for the other person or vice versa.

Just how do you deal with that on Earth?

How do you fight for the facts of life?

How do you stand for the values you believe in?

How do you know if there really is any right or wrong?

You see, all these beliefs we have stemmed from either our values, religion, and /or spirituality.

And this April, we focus on our SPIRITUAL aspirations on our Vision Board.

Look at your 2022 Vision Board.

What does it say about your relationship with your Creator?

How are you doing when it comes to your Spiritual goal?

Are you happy with how your journey is going? Or are you being challenged right now?

Look, I want to know your thoughts about our topic.

IS THERE ANY REAL RIGHT or WRONG when it comes to Spirituality?

​Please join me and my special guest, Life Coach Andrea Cola who will be connecting all the way from Greece.

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