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The Universe Acknowledges You | Positivitrix

A few months ago, I got an e-mail forwarded by the GNP EIC.

Fighting Back | Positivitrix

I am so grateful that in my 8 years of Motivational speaking and Vision Board coaching, I only know of one public bashing that did not last for a long time. (How can it, when it was clearly a troll account trying to bring me down? lol)

You are the only YOU | Positivitrix

I started putting myself out there in 2014.

How Ice Bath Helped My Migraine

I was working virtually with my team of amazing Public Speaking coaches when migraine hit me!

Is there any REAL Right or Wrong? | Positivitrix

A few weeks ago, I had one of those rare conversations with my mama where we did not see eye-to-eye.

How to create a project that will be a hit – The CompanY’s Moy...

"Gusto kong magviral!" "Gusto ko maging hit itong project na ito!" "Gusto kong sumikat!"

Do you want to Shine but you are too shy or scared? Here’s what...

For PositiviTrix Express, I asked famous singer-songwriter Trina Belamide what would be her tip for those who want to shine in their own fields but are too shy or scared.

How Morissette remains positive despite the challenges in life | Positivitrix

How can you remain positive despite the challenges in life?

My wish is to be no. 1 but there’s a voice inside saying it’s...

Want to know how your wishes can stop conflicting with your internal "demons"?

My MIRACLE- I don’t talk about this often but I think you should know...

Whatever journey you are in right now, I am sure this story I will be sharing is meant to keep you going.

I interviewed singer Morissette Amon and this is what we talked about | Positivitrix

For the past 2 weeks, I have been interviewing Filipino pride newsmakers- celebrities, artists, innovators, and the likes, for GoodNewsPilipinas.com. :)

I did an ICE Bath and my headache was gone! Read about the benefits...

2 months ago, I saw this portable bathtub in Lazada for only P3,999 (kaway-kaway sa nabubudol pa din once in a while!)
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