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Positivitrix You are the only YOU
Positivitrix shares new tips to give you positive energy.

I started putting myself out there in 2014.

Fast forward to today, 8 years after, I haven’t really gotten over the deadly “but”;

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the destructive “what if”;

nor the discouraging “Should I, really?”

I’m talking about the endless times when I would come up with so many thoughts and not say them because I listen more to the voices that go

  1. “But what if that isn’t impactful enough? Why bother posting?”
  2. “What if they’d think that your content is not good enough for them to spend time on?” or
  3. “Are you sure, you’d want to say that? Should you really care to share that?”

You see, these questions still come and go to me.

Sometimes I feel that I’m on top of my game. Sometimes I feel that I am not and that social media is way too crowded and I don’t want to be a part of it anymore.

But then again, I see how different I am from other people. I see my style as different from theirs. From yours.

And I know for a fact that no one ever comes close to me. The same way that no one can ever come close to you.

Most of the time, all I need is to look at myself in the mirror.

Be my own savior as I remind myself that I am the only me in this world. That no one thinks exactly like me. No one sounds like me. No one vibes exactly like me.

That is my main power.

And believing in that will keep me going.

Today, may I remind you that you are bigger than you think you are.

Not in physical size, but in the way that the Universe sees you and the way that you should regard yourself.

You are the only YOU.

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