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Positivitrix ICE Bath benefits
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2 months ago, I saw this portable bathtub in Lazada for only P3,999 (kaway-kaway sa nabubudol pa din once in a while!)

Well, I’m glad I bought it! 🙂 I’m glad I allowed myself to experience such a treat!

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​Sometimes I use it to soak myself in a hot bath and the other day, I was happy that we tried it for an ice bath!

Ice baths are good when done safely.

Study shows that one ice bath can help:

Soothe your muscles, Reduce inflammation, Regulate breathing, Lift your mood, and also increase your energy level.

On top of that, it can make your headache go away too (like it did with mine! I promise!)

We took turns immersing ourselves and stayed for as long as we could. It felt so good!

I recommend that you give it a shot, too!

This ice bath made Trixie’s headache go away

I am happy that I allowed myself to give in to what my body tells me to try.

I created a reel of our experience here: https://fb.watch/b2QEIBoNsU/​

Oh, you might be thinking… So Trixie, how about for people who don’t have a portable bathtub but want to do it to make the headache go away?

This is something that I also do from time to time…

Soak both your hands in ice-cold water, with ice, and have it there for as long as you can. Do it repeatedly.

It will help.

Not as fast as having an ice bath but it does help! 🙂 You are welcome!

​Tomorrow, Thursday, at 8vpm, on Facebook, I’ll be talking about not Ice bath but the Universe’s Law of Allowing

What does the Law of Allowing mean and how does it affect us?

How do we know what we should allow to enter into our own Universe- our own world?

How do take advantage of allowing ourselves to appreciate and enrich what we currently have?

My friend Joey Tayaban, a wife and a mother who homeschools 5 children, will be joining me!

See you, okay?

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